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Sun Valley Horizon | Editon 2
April 22, 2013
Edition 2 (Happy Earth Day!)
Lane among the tulips.

Our Biggest Holiday
Mother's Day is our biggest holiday of the year. Every square inch of our  farm has something growing on it, all in anticipation of the big day. We plan for this holiday more than any other, so you can be assured we will have your orders shipped with plenty of time to spare. One of my strongest beliefs is that "operational excellence" is a key to Sun Valley's success. Achieving operational excellence in a huge push such as Mother's Day requires discipline, commitment and an unwavering belief in what we are doing, namely providing the best floral experience to our customers, everyday of the year. I won't be getting much sleep until May 12th is over, however, you can rest easy.  -Lane


For WOW,
Choose Fancy Tulips

No matter who your customers are, our Fancy Tulips will WOW them.  These non-conventional gems  come in a variety of colors and styles.  From subtle fringes and ruffles, like our Curly Sue and Orange Princess to our wild, highly serrated Rococco and Rai.  These tulips add texture to arrangements and make a consumer bunch that nearly jumps out of the bucket.  Our supply is strong, as we get into prime spring time on the farm.  If you haven't checked these out, now is the time.

Visit our Fancy Tulip Showroom.

What's New?

Ask "What's New" at Sun Valley, and you might want to find a seat and maybe get a snack.  We are always bringing on new test varieties and experimenting with new flowers. This is one of the elements that sets us apart from other growers, brokers or bouquet makers.  We are the source of innovation in the flower market.

The most important part of bringing new flowers to market is YOU. We need feedback on how a product sells, how it performs and what the end users are saying. Often these new varieties are grown in smaller quantities, so initial availability can be an issue. However, if we get a positive response on flower, then you can be sure it will be added to the plan for next season.  One of our Guiding Principles is to "Delight and Amaze Customers". By testing and developing new flowers we continue to achieve this goal.  Pictured here is a new Oriental named "The Edge"...which is getting rave reviews. 


Veriflora Mother's Day Contest!
We have partnered with Veriflora to bring you the chance to win a Sun Pacific Bouquet, or one of several other prizes.  We are a Veriflora Certified grower.  This ensures our flowers are grown sustainably in three areas: quality handling practices, environmental responsibility and promotion of a healthy, equitable workplace.  Go to Veriflora's Facebook Page, and explain why your Mom Loves Sustainability, and you will be registered to win!


Telstar Time
For the next several months we will be enjoying iris time. We are growing large crops in both Arcata and Oxnard. We lead the industry in producing the guaranteed to open variety "Telstar".  This variety has trail-blazed the iris renaissance, as people rediscover the iris as a  premiere flower for bunches, bouquets and arrangements. We also have iris in white, purple, yellow and light blue.

 Learn more about the eclectic history of the iris.

Social Media Resources for YOU
Social Media is more than just a fad. It is how people are connecting, not only with friends and family, but with their favorite companies and services. We are pleased to offer you a catalog of Social Media Images to share with your clients, followers and fans. These are all properly sized, and ready to post. Have your Sales Rep. connect you with our Marketing Team to receive a sampler CD of our images.


Fernando Pantoja
H.R. Superstar
Fernado is mostly likely the first person you meet when you come to work for Sun Valley Arcata. 
He handles all the new applicants, and gives you your orientation to the farm.  Fernado has worked his way up from the picking crews, and it is easy to see why.  He is a great positive force in our organization. His enthusiasm for Sun Valley is unmatched, and as you fill out your paper work, it becomes clear that you are signing on with a terrific company.  Fernado does an exceptional job bringing our newbies into the fold.

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