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Sun Valley Horizon | Edition 3
May 22, 2013
Edition 3
Lane DeVries with Tulips
Lane with a new tulip variety.

Dirt Under My Fingernails
Sometimes as a farmer, I find I spend more time looking at spreadsheets than I do at flowers. It is a necessary evil, and I will admit I do find some enjoyment in digging through a solid data set. However, luckily I am still able to carve out time 3 times a week in Arcata and once a week in Oxnard (Thursdays) to walk the farm. This exercise puts it all in perspective. It gives me a chance to see the crops, talk to the people tending them and a chance to clear my head. I relish the days I can take a few moments to check on a new test variety of tulip or stretch my legs among the gorgeous rows of iris. Flower farming is a hands on job, and I am thankful for the days I come home with dirt under my fingernails. This summer, I invite you to come walk the farm with me.  -Lane


"Sunset Royal" Lilies
We have the exclusive rights to grow this stunning LA Hybrid lily in the US. Featuring a dramatic gradient from yellow to reddish orange, the Sunset Royal is a popular pick for bouquet designers. Its bold colors also make it a great item for a "consumer bunch." We are currently harvesting these beauties, and we are also planting them for harvest in about 12-16 weeks, just as the fall color palette really warms up. 
View our Royal Lily Resource Page to Learn More

Summer Tulips
Even our most seasoned customers are still shocked when we talk about our Summer Tulip Program. With a resounding YES, we declare that we have a great selection of beautiful soil grown tulips available all summer long. Think it's too hot for Tulips? Not at our Arcata, CA farm with an average summer high temp of 61 degrees Fahrenheit (Brrr!). Tulips have tons of personality and their bright colors have a contagious joy, definitely worth sharing. Who says tulip time is just in the spring? Tulips are a consistent, affordable four season flower here at Sun Valley.


Mayesh Wholesale

We are proud of our long history with Mayesh Wholesale Florist.

Founded in 1938 by Jack Mayesh, the Dahlson family acquired the business in 1978. Mayesh has remained family owned and operated ever since. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Mayesh supplies a large variety of fresh floral products sourced from premier growers around the world. The company has developed world class expertise in sourcing, logistics and fulfillment as it operates 15 branches in 7 states, has an international shipping department and offers online shopping.

"We offer you high quality products to fulfill your everyday and event design needs along with knowledgeable sales people to help you every step of the way no matter where you are nationwide. Not only do we offer you great products and services, but we strive to provide resources and connections to inspire you!" - Yvonne Ashton, Director of Marketing


Connect with our friends over at Mayesh at!





Tulip Bulb Planting
While we are enjoying the peak of traditional tulip season as we harvest the bulbs planted last fall. We are also busy planting bulbs for our late summer and fall tulip programs. Did you know we procure bulbs from our partners in New Zealand, tricking these bulbs into thinking it is autumn? This technique enables us to offer year -round, soil grown tulips. This is a major differentiation between our farm and all others.
Read our "Flower Talk" article about fall Tulips

Watching our Hips Grow
Rose Hips are a great crop grown at our farm in Willow Creek, CA. There are very few Rose Hip producers in the United States, and due to agricultural restrictions they cannot be imported. When you need to get hip, we will take care of you. The crop should be harvested starting in September. Start planning now, since we always sell out of this perennial favorite.
Read more about our Hips


Wendy Solis
Tulip Order Organizer
Wendy is the person that makes sure your tulip order gets filled. She is tasked with figuring out what has been planted, harvested and ready to ship. She has very complicated job, yet pulls it off with a smile. Her goal is to look at the daily and weekly picking projections for tulips, and balance this against the orders we have received. She is matching supply and demand.

Wendy has been part of the team for nearly 5 years, and when asked what the best part of her job is, she says, "Being around Tulips!"

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