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Sun Valley Horizon | Edition 4
June 19, 2013
Edition 4
Julie Smith, South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Decorations Chair; Lane DeVries, The Sun Valley Group/CCFC Chairman; The Honorable Karen Ross, Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture; Linda Giovannozzi, Glad-A-Way Gardens/CCFC Volunteer Coordinator.

California Flowers for a Classic California Event
One of my proudest moments as Chairman of California Cut Flower Commision (CCFC) has been participating in the Rose Parade, held every New Years Day in Pasadena. This event was once the show place of American Grown flowers, today it is mostly an event featuring flowers grown on foreign soil. However, this is changing and I am proud to be a part of this change. There are now two floats in the parade dedicated to only using American Grown flowers. The CCFC wants  you to join us in Pasadena this year. If you are a flower enthusiast and  believe in flowers grown in the USA, then follow this link to win an all expenses paid trip for two to Pasadena.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, remember that American Grown flowers are a great way to celebrate our independence, our ingenuity and our freedom.  -Lane


Lisianthus Time
Our wonderful Lisianthus crop is ready to harvest. This flower has the elegance of a rose, the delicate petals of a sweet pea and a great vase life, since each stem has several blooms. We offer traditional 10 stem grower bunches, as well as, market ready consumer bunches with different stem counts. Give us a call to find out what colors we are picking today. Learn more about these charming blooms.  

Iris, Iris, Iris, Iris, Iris, Iris
Iris is an ideal bloom for 4th of July arrangements. Match the timeless blue petals with our red and white summer tulips to create a fun and festive holiday bouquet. Our Telstar iris is guaranteed to open, so the fireworks will be in your vase, as well as, the sky. Iris are one of the core crops at Sun Valley. We move our plantings with the seasons from Northern to Southern California, offering a high quality, year round supply of these beauties. Did you know an NFL team has an iris on it's helmet?
Find out which one here.


Delaware Valley Floral Group

Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist was founded in 1959. They have grown into the Delaware Valley Floral Group, the largest single-operation wholesale florist in the United States and one of the most respected companies in the floral industry. Delaware Valley has distribution points up and down the East Coast, and one just down the street from our Oxnard Farm in California. Delaware Valley is a leader in Cold Chain Management and has been a trailblazer in providing the freshest possible flowers to florists and consumers across the country.

We love Delaware Valley because they are strong advocates for Sun Valley's flowers. We share the common goal of  providing superior flowers to the nation and we are proud of our long standing partnership. Visit or give them a call to ask what Sun Valley Flowers are available.





Hydrangea Rising
Head out to our shade houses and you will be entranced by the huge, healthy crop of Hydrangea. We are picking  big, beautiful heads with bright colors. What's your favorite variety: Oregon Pride, Kuhnert, Hamburg or Bottstein? We will have  these elegant beauties and also some new to market varieties through fall.
It's go time!
Hydrangea Resource Page

Yes, we will have Antiqued Hydrangeas coming soon!

a.k.a. Smoke Bush
Cotinus is just starting to be harvested at our Willow Creek Farm. The crop has come in a bit early this year, so now is the time to get this specialty branch in your cooler or on the sales floor. Burgundy and dark green leaves make this branch a great contrast to traditional greens. Put in a standing order to ensure your supply lasts through November. Learn more with our Cotinus Resource Page.


Lourdes Gonzalez
C.I.P. Coordinator
C.I.P. stands for Continues Improvement Program, Lourdes is in-charge of this program on our Oxnard Farm. Her job is to work with the Team Leaders and develop strategies to improve our systems and procedures. This is an ever evolving process.

Her favorite part of her job is the great variety of tasks she works on. One day she is working with the pickers helping them be more efficient, the next she is in the shipping cooler assisting in the fulfillment of orders. She loves learning all the different aspects of the operation.

When not on the farm, she is playing with her two kids or cheering for the LA Kings.  GO KINGS!

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