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Sun Valley Horizon | Edition 5
July 17, 2013
Edition 5
Lane DeVries with Sun Valley Hydrangea
Lane among his Hydrangea. These will all be harvested after they "antique."

Hydrangea Opportunities
Growing tulips has been in my family for four generations. As you may know, we also grow a few lilies and irises.  These bulb crops have been the foundation of Sun Valley for years. Now a funny thing is happening, Sun Valley is getting recognized for our Hydrangea. We've been working on this perennial crop for a few years, and this season we have really hit our stride. The crop in phenomenal, the shade houses are literally bursting with huge colorful heads. Blue, Purple, Pink, Lavender...Bi-colors. Take your pick. 

We are also preparing to harvest a record number of Antiqued Hydrangeas. The demand for Antiques has been growing steadily over the last few years. This is an heirloom crop which is surging in popularity due to the "buy local" movement. 

I'm Lane DeVries, and I 'm a California Hydrangea farmer.


Lucifer Crocosmia
Spicy Crocosmia
Crocosmia is one of the specialty crops that we produce mid-summer through fall. We grow the "Lucifer" variety which is known for it's fiery red blooms. We are harvesting a big crop right now, and we have staggered plantings in the ground to ensure availability through fall. If you haven't seen this dramatic flower in person, now is the time to get a box and have a look. We also have Crocosmia's cousin, Montbretia coming on, so check with your Sun Valley Sales Rep.
Flower Talk with Lily just covered our Crocosmia, click here to learn more.
Kuhnert Hydrangea
Hydrangea Rising
No need to beat around the bush. We have the largest selection and best quality hydrangea available anywhere. Our packing department has shipping them down to a science, so they will arrive in fine style. Hydrangeas are a classic flower with great appeal, and their size gives them serious "Wow" power. We will have an epic amount of Antiqued Hydrangeas starting in August, so set up a standing order to guarantee you get as many as you need. 


Flowers & Magazine
Flowers& Magazine

When people in the industry think of Flowers& Magazine, they probably think first of floral design. Open any issue, and the first thing to meet your eye are the floral design features, with page after page of creative, cutting-edge designs, by a varied roster of the nation's top designers.


Flowers& is a great place to stay up to date-and get inspired-with in-depth articles about fresh cut flowers. This year, the magazine launched it's Grower Profile series with a beautiful article on Sun Valley.


Published online as well as in print, Flowers& is a great resource for anyone who wants to stay well-informed about the latest in cut flowers and floral design. A sample issue, the Flowers& Buyers' Guide, and free digital archive issues can be viewed on the Flowers& website, Check it out!


Make sure to see the August edition of Flowers& for coverage of the
Sun Valley Hydrangea harvest.



Sunflower Summer
Sunflowers are one of the most universally popular flowers on earth. They are unpretentious, bright and cheery and they have a certain friendliness in their nature that can't be denied. We are harvesting a robust crop right now at our Rainforest Alliance Certified farm in Baja. We have a few different varieties coming in from Black-Eyed to Teddy Bear and the super cool Pro-Cut Red. Sunflowers are hot right now because of their natural, earthy feel. Get back to the land with Sun Valley Sunflowers.

Are You Reading "Flower Talk
with Lily"?
Sun Valley's  "Flower Talk with Lily" blog is really making waves in the floral industry. Every week, Lily discusses some aspect of the flower biz. It could be to dig deep into a certain type of flower, show a vignette of life on our flower farm or sparking the conversation about how flowers make all our lives better.

It is easy to subscribe, then expect Flower Talk  in your inbox every Wednesday morning.


chris leventhaul

Chris Leventhal
Sales Coordinator ~
Chris Leventhal is the glue that holds our Oxnard farm together. He has been on the Oxnard farm for nearly two decades. He  maintains the Oxnard on-screen inventory and  deals with pretty much any issue that may arise in the sales department, as well as, handling a few of our larger wholesale accounts.

When Chris is not hunkered down at his desk, he is enjoying time with his wife and 10 year old twin boys. He coaches both Soccer and Baseball, and recently won the league baseball championship (Yay!). 

One of Chris' boys is autistic, so he is also heavily involved in the autism awareness campaign Autism Speaks.

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