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Sun Valley Horizon | August Edition
August 21, 2013
Edition 6
Lane DeVries with iris
Lane with a few iris during set up at a trade show.

Summer Activities
Summer is a great time on our farms. The pace is a little slower; however, the flowers grow a little faster. The weather gives us the opportunity to grow some beautiful field crops such as montbretia and hydrangea that thrive under the summer sun.

Summer is also a time to travel to shows and connect with our customers in person. It is inspiring to hear the "oohs and ahhs" when people experience our flowers up close and personal, or when they see a new variety we've been working on. I would like to say a sincere "thank you" to everyone for stopping by and saying hello.

We are on track for a fantastic fall season, featuring flowers and foliage that capture the essence of autumn, let's have a great one.


Antique Hydrangea
Antiques are ON!
Last year the demand for our Antiqued Hydrangeas was so great we literally sold out. This year we have increased production and are filling orders as we speak. These gorgeous, sturdy blooms are very popular across all segments of the floral industry. Whether for wedding work, bouquets or consumer bunches the color cornucopia in a bunch of antiques is unequaled. The heirloom, earthy, natural aesthetic is surging in popularity, and these gems fit the bill. Read more

Sunset Royal Lilies
Royal Lilies Progression
We have a great selection of LA Hybrid Lilies available, and the autumn wave is just starting. See these babies at left? They were planted in July, and this photo was taken August 8th, when they were about 8 inches tall. We will check in on these same plants next month to see how they've progressed. Sun Valley has the exclusive rights to grow the Royal Sunset lily in the USA, this is the perfect fall lily with bright yellow in the center moving out to all the  warm red and orange tones of a sunset. 

Fresh cut from our California farms, superior quality flowers lead directly to return business. Quality speaks for itself, and your customers are listening.


greenleaf wholesale with Sun Valley Floral Farm
Greenleaf Wholesale Florist
Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc. began in the late 1950's as the shipping department for the Kitayama Brothers greenhouses.  The four Kitayama brothers, Tom, Ray, Kee and Ted, began growing flowers in California during the late 1940s and the business expanded quickly getting to the point in the late 1960s where Kitayama Brothers was the largest carnation grower in the world.

Seeing an opportunity to both grow flowers and to sell and service retail florists, the Kitayama founders opened Greenleaf Wholesale stores in different cities during the late 1960's.
As of 2013, Greenleaf is located in Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas.
Their mission is clear:
"We are here to delight our local customers by professionally distributing the freshest flowers from our farm and around the world."

Greenleaf always has Sun Valley Flowers in their cooler, so drop them a line and ask what Sun Valley flowers they have in stock.

Find Greenleaf Wholesale online:
Website  |  Facebook  |  Pinterest  |  Youtube


Rose Hips
The Rose Hip harvest is heating up, we are offering a few different varieties, so call your sales rep today to get hip. 

Did you know Rose Hips can't be imported into the USA? These beauties are grown in California and the quality is outstanding.  This crop is in demand because of their gorgeous shades of red, their robust texture and their classic style.  See our Resource Page for more info...

Share your Flower Stories.
Recently we posted a really touching story on our blog about one man's Tulip Tradition.  We received such an amazing response from this post that we wondered... what about everyone elses' flower stories? 

We would love to hear some of the special stories you have experienced or shared in over the years.  Email a quick blurb to Lily, and we will contact you to get the story. We hope to post more flower stories on Flower Talk with Lily in the coming months.


Vicente Estevez
Team Leader
Willow Creek  
Vicente is the Team Leader of our farm up in the mountains of Willow Creek. This farm being relatively small, means that as supervisor he is head grower, tractor driver, transportation specialist, repair and maintenance chief, etc. Get the picture?  On any given day Vicente's duties span a wide range of tasks, and he handles them all with a great attitude.  His knowledge of the growing cycle and history of the Willow Creek farm is unparalleled. 

This Northern California farm is stunningly beautiful. It is perched on the banks of the Trinity River with eagles, osprey and bears as  neighbors. 

When Vicente isn't on the farm he is having fun with his wife and two daughters, or grabbing his fishing pole to chase after steelhead and salmon.

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