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Sun Valley Horizon | September 2013 Edition
September 18, 2013
Edition 7
Our Willow Creek growing team, Tim, Lane and Vicente in front of our giant Cotinus.

I Love Autumn
Autumn is when our Willow Creek Farm kicks into high gear. Rose Hips, Cotinus, Photina and Ilex will all be coming on strong starting now, and lasting through the holidays. I really enjoy driving the hour inland from our Arcata farm to check on the progress of our crops, even just 40 miles away, it really is a different world.

Autumn also brings our Fall Tulip program. YES, we have a great selection of tulips ready to ship. We use Southern Hemisphere bulbs, and grow the highest quality soil grown tulips in the industry. I want to share a great video we made this summer about our tulips. Have a quick look, it's less than 2 minutes and let me know what you think.


Beauty Redefined: Roselilies
 "Delight and Amaze" your customers with our stunning Roselilies. Imagine a lily with four times the amount of petals of a traditional lily, with light Oriental scent and no pollen. This is the modern Roselily. The demand for Roselilies is been building for the last few years, however, we were restricted by the amount of bulbs available from Holland. The wait is over, Sun Valley has a robust crop of Roselilies in the ground and we will be harvesting weekly. Keep an eye on these for Valentine's Day, they are going to make a big splash this year. Read more

Royal Lilies Progression
Part 2
We have a great selection of LA Hybrid Lilies available and the autumn wave is just starting. See these babies at left? They were planted in July and this photo was taken September 10th. Last month they were just babies, about 8 inches tall. Now they are adolescents, about two feet tall.  These Sunset Royals will be coming to harvest about the third week of October, perfect timing for all your fall color needs.

Lilies are the ultimate "wow" flower, this is why we dedicate an enormous amount of resources to make sure our lily production is completely dialed in. We grow it when you need it.       


Super Floral Retailing &
 Florists' Review

They  have the industry covered!


Florists' Review,, established in 1897, is the largest trade publication in the floral industry and the industry's only independent monthly magazine for the retail/wholesale market. It is widely read in the United States and in more than 80 countries by retail florists.


Super Floral Retailing,, is the nation's only monthly magazine with a qualified circulation to large-volume floral buyers. It provides supermarket, mass-market and other high-volume florists strategies to enhance their floral business.


Both Florists' Review and Super Floral Retailing offer a balanced mix of inspirational floral designs and practical business management articles.  


Their reader resources also include our comprehensive online sourcebook, and; and design services through their Design Solutions division. 


Sun Valley is proud to work with Super Floral Retailing and Florists Review. 



Sunflower Power!
As we roll into Fall, our big and colorful Sunflowers are coming on strong. This popular cut flower is always in demand. We grow them in Baja, Mexico at our Rainforest Alliance Certified farm. This certification is a great way to ensure that your Sunflower supply is environmentally sustainable. 

With Sun Valley you get the best quality Sunflowers on the market, and we have them ready to ship.

Fall Tulips
Autumn is Tulip Time on our Arcata Farm. We use Southern Hemisphere bulbs to bring you the bright, playful colors of tulips all through Fall. These bulbs have been bred in New Zealand and actually "think" it is springtime. The freshest bulbs lead to the most outstanding tulips. Our Fall bulbs are great because of the color mix -  orange, yellow, purple, white, red and bi-colors -  all the colors of Fall.

Surprise your customers with a steady supply of big, strong soil grow tulips. They're not just for spring anymore!



Melina Mejia
Sun Pacific Bouquet Product Development
Melina is a power house in our Sun Pacific Bouquet Division. She is tasked with figuring out how many stems our bouquet lines will need to create the day's bouquets. This may sound easy, however, this is a very complicated job and she excels at it.

She also designs new bouquet offerings, as well as photographing the final product. Melina has worked at our Oxnard facility for about 13 years. For her first 9 years she was in shipping and billing, and now she has become the Bouquet Diva!

When she isn't at work, you can find her with her two boys, age 8 and 12, either on the soccer field or having fun at the theme parks around Southern California.    

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