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Sun Valley Horizon | October 2013 Edition
October 24, 2013
Edition 8
Lane at his desk., kept company by a vase full of our fall "World's Favorite" tulips.

The Flowers Never Stop Growing
Growing flowers is more than just a job. It is a labor of love, and it can be pretty consuming. The flowers don't stop growing on weekends or holidays. The farm needs attention every day. As you might guess, I spend a lot of time at the farm, inspecting the bulbs, the soil, the greenhouses, the coolers and the flowers. In many parts of the country, farmers are harvesting their crops and preparing for winter. We are blessed to be able to grow flowers year round.

As a California flower grower, we enjoy a moderate climate which provides us with great growing conditions all year long. Mother Nature never stops working, and neither does our team. The rewards of farming aren't as tangible as you may think. Of course the flowers thrill our customers, but what I love is the process. All the moving parts and personalities combine to create our exceptional flowers. I love my job and I hope you love our flowers.                                 -Lane


Amazing Rosehips
Our rosehip harvest is in high gear. We grow these at our farm in Willow Creek, and this years crop is phenomenal due to a nice dry summer. Did you know that rosehips can't be imported into the USA due to agricultural restrictions? So Sun Valley is your "go to" spot to get this popular botanical. Rosehips are hot right now because of their vintage aesthetic and of course, the plumb red hips are a staple of fall arrangements. Rosehips have a long and storied history, read more on Flower Talk with Lily.   

Royal Lilies Progression
Part 3
These Sunset Lilies were planted back in July, and we have followed their growth over the last few months on the Horizon. Now these beauties are on their way to market, bringing all the gorgeous fall colors of a sunset to a vase near you.

Sun Valley is known for growing the best quality lilies on the market. We believe that no matter what, quality can never be sacrificed. If a consumer gets a flower that doesn't perform as promised, the entire flower industry suffers. Please insist on only the highest quality flowers so our industry will grow.


Krueger Wholesale Florist

Krueger Wholesale Florist, Inc. is a dynamic, family owned and operated company, committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and best services in the industry.


Krueger Wholesale Florist, Inc. began as a small family business in 1963 by James Krueger. Today, it has grown to become one of the largest floral distribution companies in the Midwest. Krueger's modern 120,000 square foot corporate headquarters and distribution center is supplemented by 3.5 acres of tropical green houses and its own logistics division, KW Transit, Inc.


For over 50 years, KWF, Inc. has been providing their customers with the finest fresh cut flowers and greens, stunning botanicals and a vast selection of floral supplies.


Check out their website and see what Sun Valley flowers they have available today. 



Ilex on the Way
Ilex is a rising star for autumn and holiday arrangements. Right now we have the Golden Verbloom variety, which is a perfect warm hue for fall. 

We are anticipating our dramatic Red Ilex being available on November first. Keep in touch with your sales rep. though, because some may be harvested earlier.

Field in Focus Video Series
Flowers really need to be seen to be appreciated. To this end, Sun Valley has launched a new video series titled "Field in Focus". The goal of this series is to give you an insiders view of the flower fields and highlight the varieties we are growing.  A few of these short films will be rolling out every month, so subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Here are the first two videos:
Fall Tulips
Orange Art Lilies


Meadow Bell
Accounts Payable Supervisor  / Bulb Inventory Accountant 
Meadow Bell has worked at Sun Valley 11 years, since she graduated from Humboldt State University.

In Accounts Payable she is making sure that all the bills get paid and that our team members get the supplies they need.

As the person in charge of our bulb inventory, she has the challenging task of making sure that our bulb shipments arrive on our farm. We import a huge amount of bulbs, from Holland, New Zealand and other regions around the world.  She deals with the customs agents, ocean freight companies, border crossing documents and is an expert in dealing with red tape in the Panama Canal.

When not at work, she is a big fan of the Humboldt Crabs baseball team and HSU Football. She does her best to hit the gym at lunch everyday, and loves to get in the kitchen and cook up healthy meals at home.

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