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Sun Valley Horizon | December 2013 Edition
December 19, 2013
Edition 10
Lane among the Oriental Lilies on a sunny winter day.
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays from the Sun Valley family. December is an active time on the farm with the spirit of the holidays in the air, and a lot of bulbs in the ground. We are simultaneously picking for Christmas orders and planting for Valentine's Day. Our team members always rise to the occasion. I love the idea that our flowers are an integral part of holiday merriment around the country, as families gather to celebrate Christmas and the coming New Year.

One of my favorite holiday activities is singing in my church choir. The experience of singing together with a group of people gives me such a great feeling. Singing inspires me and reminds me of all the blessings we share.

I wish you a warm Holiday Season, and a very Happy New Year.
                                              Cheers,    Lane                                        


Embrace Color with Gerbera!
Don't let the winter blues get you or your customers down. Gerbera daisies are the cheeriest flowers we grow- and we grow some beautiful varieties. We have a complex of greenhouses at our Oxnard facility dedicated to growing these wonderful blooms. The time is right to see what colors we are harvesting. We have a whole rainbow of options, as well as bi-colors that are stunning design elements. Check out a 2 minute video of our Gerbera Greenhouse.

Green Ball Dianthus
Dianthus is one of the oldest cultivated flowers on earth and has traditionally played a supporting role in the floral industry. This is not the case any longer with the advent of Green Ball Dianthus. Designers are showcasing the rich texture and wild detail of Green Ball and Green Trick. People are naturally drawn to its' bright green color and furry texture.
It begs to be touched!
Check out our Resource Page to learn more.


Sun Valley is proud of our partnership with Humboldt Made. This eclectic group of local businesses work together to promote their products outside of Humboldt County. Imagine businesses from all different industries, tied together by geography and a commitment to hand made, artisanal quality, all working together in the spirit of "Co-opetition" to create and share opportunities for all.   


This is the essence of Humboldt Made. Humboldt County is known for cheese, chocolate, beer and wine, jewelry, grass fed beef, and of course flowers.  


Humboldt Made businesses share resources, share contacts and work together to increase each others sales, all with the goal of creating new jobs in our small rural community.   


Check out their website, and contact Angie Schwab if you are interested in exploring the amazing products being produced in our community.  


This short video will give you a Humboldt Made primer





Matsumoto Asters in Oxnard
Sun Valley has a huge planting of Matsumoto Asters in the ground. Asters grow outside in hoop houses at our Oxnard farm. This sturdy and colorful bloom is a standard in bouquets, however, it is gaining popularity for consumer bunches.

We have purple, pink, hot pink, red and other colors being harvested right now. Check out our website or call your sales rep. for today's availability.

January Tulips
With Christmas just about past, and January in our sights remember that we have tulips in all sorts of colors, sizes and varieties. Sun Valley offers the best quality year-round tulips available.

We are able to grow the colors and varieties as you need them. Bulb crops, and especially tulips, are unique in the market since we can grow the appropriate color for every season and every occasion.


Steve Hudson
Arcata Warehouse Manager 
Steve is the manager of our Arcata warehouse. This is no small job. He oversees two packing lines; both the wet pack line and the dry pack line, the shipping department and our internet shipping operation.

What he finds most rewarding about his position is overcoming challenges and figuring out solutions to logistic situations that usually need creative solutions.

When he is not at work, he is playing drums in his band.  His band includes his girlfriend and  his brother, and performs locally.  Steve is usually the only person in the warehouse wearing a black leather jacket with a Rolling Stones t-shirt underneath.

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