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Sun Valley Horizon | January 2014 Edition
January 22, 2014
Edition 11
Lane at the 2014 Rose Parade, accompanied by 30,000 iris.
We Are Growing Your Flowers
One of the greatest challenges in flower farming is anticipating exactly what your customers will need. Flowers are so perishable that your estimates need to be very close. There is always the risk of over-selling, with an equal risk of growing too many flowers and not being able to sell them all.

The flower season is gearing up. I want you to know that this year, from listening to our customers, we have committed to increased plantings and producing more gorgeous American grown flowers.

The demand for our flowers has been rising, and to maintain our success we need to be responsive to the market. To this end, 2014 is going to be a great year on our farm. Give us a call.


Hyacinth Return
One of the classic flowers of all time is back in production on the farm. Our hyacinth are serious crowd pleasers. Bright springy color, a warm engaging scent and a wonderful texture make hyacinth a "must have" for flower professionals. Our crop is coming on strong with purple "Atlantic" and pink "Anne Marie" leading the charge. This is not a year-round crop. We will have it only through May, which will be here before you know it, so let the Hyacinth parade begin. To get more in-depth with Hyacinth, read the latest Flower Talk blog post.

Bouquet Bonanza
Our Sun Pacific Bouquet Division is ready for your orders. Make your life a little easier, order our fresh made "West Coast" style bouquets.

Our various collections have three size options which give you a lot of latitude as far as price and recipe. We also offer a "Seasonal Surge" line which varies based on what flowers we are harvesting at any given moment. Ask your sales rep to see our selection and pricing for our current farm fresh bouquets.

Sun Pacific bouquets pack a lot of "WOW" into a great value.





                  In 52 years, Louisiana Wholesale Florists, Inc. has grown from three employees and one truck to 47 employees and 14 cargo vans. They have two 27,000 square feet store locations in which they sell fresh flowers and hard good supplies to floral retailers, gift shops, event planners, and interior decorators. They service all of Louisiana and some retailers in their neighboring states.


They were founded in 1961 to service the floral needs of the growing community of florists in Louisiana. Bill Broussard and Jim Durio were key players in forming this co-operative organization. Mr. James "Red" Darby agreed to sign on as the first Manager of the Co-Operative.

In 1962, Mr. Merlin Leger was hired as the General Manager of the Co-Op. Mr. Leger continues to serve in this capacity today. Michael "Mike" Howerton is the Manager of the Lafayette location. Mike along with Pam Cotham, are the Purchasing Agents for the Fresh Flower division. Pam also assists Kayla Trahan and Bobbie Breaux in the Sales department. Kathy Trahan is the Purchasing Agent for all hard goods. Cindy Comeaux is the Business Manager.


A second warehouse was opened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1970. Tim Stewart is the Manager of the Baton Rouge location. His wife, Brenda, is the Purchasing Agent for all hard goods. Shannon Simmons and Richard "Rick" Hill are the Purchasing Agents for the Fresh Flower division at the Baton Rouge location. Shannon and Rick also assist Tom and Kathy Rauch in the Sales department.


Sun Valley is proud of our partnership with Louisiana Wholesale Florists. Visit their Website and Like them on Facebook





French Tulips Ahead
Sun Valley is fluent in French, French Tulips that is. Right now we have a big crop in the ground, with solid weekly harvests. The numbers will only be increasing as we warm up into spring.

Our Frenchies are known industry wide for there long length and big heads. This is because we grow them in soil, the way nature intended.

These tulips are really stunning, so dive in, the water's great!

Women's Day 2014
Saturday, March 8th is Women's Day. You've probably already started to hear the buzz.

This is a great opportunity for everyone in the floral industry. With retailers, wholesalers and mass market accounts all getting behind the effort, this year promises to be the biggest yet.

Sun Valley is offering three sets of Point Of Purchase graphics appropriate for florists, super markets and everywhere in between. We are happy to send you the beautifully designed signage as PDFs, then you can simply print what you need. Email Iris to request the files.    


Javier Gonzales-Marquez
Oxnard Billing & Transportation 
Javier is responsible for making sure all the transportation paperwork is in order. This includes trucks leaving our Oxnard farm and our own trucks, which service accounts around Los Angeles. 

He also makes sure all our vehicles receive their scheduled maintenance and are running smoothly.

When asked what his biggest challenge is he says, "I love my job" with a big warm laugh, then continues, "I guess it's just keeping up on emails."

When not at work, he is out barbecuing and riding his Harley. Although his biggest joy is spending time with his children and extended family.

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