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Sun Valley Horizon | February 2014 Edition
February 19, 2014
Edition 12

Join Us in Celebrating Women's Day
On March 8th, our farm will be celebrating Women's Day. The essence of this holiday is to love, honor and respect the women in our lives. What better way to do this than with flowers? On Saturday, March 8th, I will be bringing flowers home to my daughter and my wife, Kathryn.

On our farm, we have a wonderful tradition where we create a farm fresh bouquet of flowers for all the women on our team. It's great to see everyone heading home from work with a bouquet. Last year we did a white freesia and bay laurel posy bouquet.

Across the globe, women will be honored on March 8th, please join us.


Freesia Warms Us into Spring
On our Arcata Farm the freesia harvest has begun. Long elegant stems, lovely sequential blooms, and probably the most under rated scent in the flower world. Right now we are heavy on white, purple and pink, with more colors available as spring progresses. We have long stem lengths for consumer bunches and short lengths for bouquet work. The freesia harvest is just warming up, so anticipate Sun Valley having a steady supply through June. Learn more about this beautiful flower here.

Spring Iris Looking Strong
Sun Valley is known as a big "year-round" iris farm. We move the crop between our Arcata and Oxnard farms, always growing in the optimum conditions. According to our head grower Gerrit, the spring iris crop in Oxnard is looking phenomenal. Iris one of the most loved flowers across the world, so in the coming weeks make sure to revisit these blue beauties.  Read More.








We would like to thank all our customers who helped make Valentine's Day 2014 a huge success. We picked and shipped a remarkable amount of flowers, and we feel great that our flowers were an important part of so many Valentine's Day celebrations across the nation.


It is always inspiring to see our team members rise to the occasion as the stress and pressure mounts across the farm, then share in the collective sigh of relief as the last truck leaves the farm.


This year we saw an amazing amount of teamwork as weather complications left us standing around one minute, going full bore the next. We even had to pull in our crews from the greenhouses and hoop houses to help pack flowers right up to the very end.  The spirit of camaraderie was wonderful as everyone pitched in. 


Of course, we head back to work planting and harvesting for the next day, however, Valentine's is always a big event on the farm.


Thank you to all our customers and all our team members, we couldn't do it without you. 



Planting Cycles
As the harvest of tulips came out of the greenhouses for Valentine's Day, our team was immediately reloading the greenhouses with more tulips for Women's Day and lilies for Mother's Day.  Flower farming is a two handed operation, one hand harvests while the other hand plants. Sun Valley is unique in the industry since we have the coolers and infrastructure to get a head start on Mother's Day. We will have a big selection of high quality Oriental lilies ready to ship for Mother's Day.
Start planning now, we are.

Early Spring Events
Don't forget our Sun Pacific Bouquet Division is putting together wonderful Women's Day bouquets to help you share in the spirit of Women's Day.

St. Patrick's Day is on the horizon as well, this holiday is about more than green beer. It is becoming a multi-generational celebration of all things Irish, and of course, it is the one day of the year when everyone is Irish.

Ask your Sales Rep. about these great offerings.


Guillermo R. Ruiz
Arcata Warehouse 
Guillermo is on our Arcata warehouse team and if you need to anything done with a forklift, he is your man.

Throughout the day he is loading and unloading trucks, and moving pallets anywhere they need to go. His skill on the forklift is unparalleled, and watching him put a heavy pallet twenty feet up on a shelf with amazing precision you see this is no easy task.

Guillermo also runs the big machines that make our boxes, which is intense just to watch.

When not on the farm, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter. He says, "When the weekend comes, I want to take my daughter to the park and play, that's a good weekend for me."

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