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Sun Valley Horizon | March 2014 Edition
March 19, 2014
Edition 13
A frog perched on a Sumatra Lily in our Arcata greenhouse. Sustainability in action.
Joys of Flower Farming
It probably won't surprise you that spring is my favorite season. I get energized as the days get longer, and the weather in California turns warmer. Perhaps I am taking a cue from the flowers we grow, since right now the greenhouses and hoop houses are certainly full of energy.

Seeing our dramatic French tulips color up or watching our Mother's Day lily crop progress reminds me why I'm a flower farmer. Flowers are amazing. We provide the best growing conditions, however, they do all the work. After all these years, I'm still in awe of the power of flowers. Happy Spring!


"White Cup" for the Spring Holidays
White Oriental lilies are traditional for both Easter and Mother's Day. White Cup is an outstanding variety with richly textured, pure white petals. Opening upward and outward the petals form a magnificent show.

If you and your customers only settle for the best, then White Cup is your lily. Not only is the bloom spectacular, but the stem length and strength is excellent. The foliage is a healthy deep green, and this leads to a vase life that can't be beat. At Sun Valley, we are recognized for the high quality of our flowers. White Cup is the epitome of this effort.

Take Your Pick
Sun Valley is having its own "March Madness." Our core crops are coming in strong. Tulips, Iris, Lilies are in big production mode. Several other crops such as Matsumoto Asters, Matricaria, Green Ball Dianthus, Freesia, Delphinium and Gerberas are all experiencing the "Spring Effect." The California sunshine is pouring energy into our flowers, and as we round the corner into spring, we are proud to bring our very best to market.


At Sun Valley, we are proud of our partnership with 1-800 Last month we collaborated for one of the wildest flower promotions in recent history.

In honor of Women's Day, 1-800 Flowers hit the streets of New York City to give out 10,000 stems of Sun Valley tulips to help spread the message of Women's Day. In this epic event, 1-800 Flowers "street teams" set up near Grand Central Station, Penn Station and Union Square and gave out free 5 stem bunches of tulips to all takers.

With the singular goal of promoting Women's Day as a floral holiday, we were able to create quite a buzz, not only in New York City, but across the country thanks to social media.

Not many companies in the floral industry have the capacity to participate in this sort of promotion. The Sun Valley team extends a big Thank You to 1-800 Flowers for coming on-board and making this the best Women's Day to date.



Viburnum Time!
Our Viburnum crop is ready to harvest at our farm in Willow Creek, CA. These wonderful "Snowballs" are a specialty crop that we only have for a limited time. The first picks of the season have a greenish hue. As the season progresses, the billowy blooms turn to stunning ivory. Check in with your sales rep. to make sure you get yours and ask about our French Tulip & Viburnum consumer bunch.

Visit our Viburnum Resource Page.

Lisianthus (Just Starting!)
Lisianthus season is just getting going on our farm
in Oxnard. We are in the early stages of the pick, which will last through late summer. "Lizzy" is a great flower for several reasons. It has frilly, rose-like blooms, a beautiful selection of colors and the amount of blooms per stem is impressive.

This is a high value flower, that packs a lot of bang for the buck.


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Arcata Tulip Inventory   
Arnaldo Lopez
Oxnard Local Sales
Alejandro Ceron
Canada Planting, Picking and Bunching    

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