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May 22, 2014
Edition 15
Lane is testing new lilies.

Mother's Day Thank You
Here on the farm, we are finally able to take a deep breath. We had a very successful Mother's Day, and I would like to thank all of our customers and team members that made this possible. 

Springtime as a flower farmer is all about pacing. We strive to set a pace at the farm which allows us to achieve all our goals. It takes planning, hard work and just a bit of luck to reach the Memorial Day weekend, when we can all take a moment to reflect.

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, sharing time with family and friends. We will wake up Tuesday morning refreshed and ready to continue the cycle planting and harvesting our flowers.


Tulip Season Doesn't Stop
Tulips never go out of style and we never stop growing them. Over the years, we have invested in the infrastructure to have year-round tulips for our customers. The amazing thing is the quality is very consistent and the selection of colors and style is phenomenal. Our greenhouses in Humboldt County enjoy year-round cool temperatures, never getting too hot or too cold.  With plenty of clouds and fog, we also have very even light levels which tulips absolutely love. Learn more

Heat Brings Lizzy
One of the flowers we grow in Oxnard particularly loves the southern California heat. Lovely Lisianthus is having a great pick so far, and it looks like it will only be getting better.

We currently have big selection of colors: white, rose, purple, pink, and green for solid colors, then we also have two bi-colors, bi-pink and bi-purple.

In a recent article in The Produce News, Alice Grazziani, director of floral for Gelson's Market said, "Lisianthus is a floral designer's best friend," and we couldn't agree more! Read the whole article here.


Lonely Bouquet
Mark your calendar, "Lonely Bouquet Day" is coming Sunday, June 29th.

 The premise is that people take a bouquet out to a public space and leave the bouquet with a little tag, asking for someone to adopt the bouquet. Then the person that adopts the bouquet uploads a picture to Facebook, showing where the bouquet ended up.

This fun event is growing in popularity and you can expect to hear more about this great idea in the very near future.



Hydrangea Returns

Saddle up, Sun Valley is just starting to harvest our epic Hydrangea crop. This is the beginning of another banner year. Late last week, head grower, Tim Crockenberg, came through the sales office with the blooms pictured above, wowza.

Our American Grown Hydrangea are the highest quality on the market. We have the most experience in the industry, and the results are evident in the superior product we bring to market.    

Testing Liatris in Oxnard
Right now we have a test Liatris crop in the ground in Southern California. The crop is progressing nicely, and we are hoping to be able to offer this crop as a standard offering in the near future.

Liatris is a tall, upright stalk with vivid purple blooms. We are testing stem lengths, bloom size and vase life right now, so keep in touch.


Alex Velasquez
Assistant Arcata Team Leader
Rogelio Angeles
Assistant Oxnard Team Leader
Erlinda Rosario Carrillo
Canada Tulip Bunching      

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