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June 26, 2014
Edition 16
Lane in our booth at the International Floriculture Exposition.

What Are You Passionate About?
Besides flowers, what gets me excited is meeting and working with people who have passion. It doesn't matter if it is a passion for flowers, teaching, cooking or business, I can usually tell after about five minutes if someone is passionate about what they do. These are the people I want to surround myself with because these are the people that are going to teach me something.

I am very fortunate to be a flower farmer, this is what I am passionate about. Our team members, suppliers, customers and consumers all share a passion for flowers and this continues to invigorate and energize me.

I hope your summer is off to a great start.


Hydrangea Action
Our hydrangea harvest is in full swing. These summer favorites are coming in with huge heads and rich saturated colors. The popular colors so far this season have been hot pink, pink, lavender and pink bi-colors.

Sun Valley hydrangea aren't petite little flowers you tuck in the edge of an arrangement. They are big focals that demand attention and will get serious "Oohs and Ahhs" from your customers.  The pick will be strong through the  summer, and don't forget that antiques will be coming in mid-August.

Royal LA Hybrid Lilies
Our LA Hybrid lilies are the royalty of the lily world. Right now, we have the most saturated colors and the biggest bloom size in the industry for one reason. We grow them in Arcata, California which stays chilly all summer long. By growing the lilies in an area with an average summer high of 62 F, and an average low of 51 F, we maintain the rich colors that most growers can only achieve in the winter. Simply put; cold temps at night, and mild temps during the day directly corresponds to more saturated lilies, strong stems, richer foliage and greater vase life. 


The American Grown Movement Takes Off!
Mark your calendar, July 1st is a landmark day in the flower industry.

Tuesday, July 1st.   9amPST | 12pmEST

You are invited to join a call of industry leaders--designers, retailers, wholesalers and farmers--regarding the launch of the Certified American Grown campaign.


Created to help increase consumer awareness, attention and affinity towards locally-grown flowers and foliage, the Certified American Grown campaign provides the floral industry with an important and easy-to-use resource to capture the momentum for locally-grown flowers and foliage while communicating the values and virtues of sourcing homegrown blooms.


Here is the official invite, don't forget you must RSVP to participate in the call.






Celosia Returns

Our Celosia crop is back. Right now in Oxnard we are harvesting the stunning Bombay variety. The pick is just beginning, so the quantity of stems available will be growing in coming weeks. The common name for Celosia is cockscomb, and lots of folks like to just call it "brains." Learn more about this unique crop with our Celosia Resource Page.

IFE Review, where we'll be next.
The Sun Valley team jazzed it up in New Orleans at this year's International Floriculture Exposition. Our theme was Moments of Awe, and we received a great response from attendees. We highlighted many flowers, display options and debuted our new winery project.

In July we will be at So-Cal FPFC and then in October we hope to see you at PMA in Anaheim. 


Carmen Bradley
Arcata Sales Assistant         
Natividad Munoz
Oxnard Entomology Specialist
Dimitrius Munoz
Canada Operations Team     

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