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July 23, 2014
Edition 17
Watch our latest film highlighting our American Grown Telstar iris.

Take Pride In Your Flowers
Earlier this month, the Certified American Grown flower campaign officially launched. Sun Valley is very excited to be a part of this movement which highlights the wonderful flowers grown right here in the USA.

The work on this project has been done by fellow farmers, so you can't get any more grassroots than this effort. Collaborating with dedicated people such as Diane Szukovathy of Jello Mold Farm in Washington state, and Frank Arnosky of Texas Specialty Flowers, has been a real honor. This is truly a ground swell moment, and I am enthusiastic about what the future holds.

Please watch the short film we just made about the American Grown movement, starring one of my favorite flowers, the Telstar Iris.


Hydrangea Season is in Full Swing
Our 21 acres of Hydrangeas are looking phenomenal. We are picking several varieties and colors, with new selections becoming available daily. The best plan is to call your sales rep. and see what we have on inventory today. This is an exciting crop which has a huge appeal, not only for designers, but consumers as well. This is a hot summer wedding flower, and a few of our huge blooms are perfect for event work. See our blog post on this years crop.  

Brassica ~ Kale
Sun Valley brassica is ready to ship. We have several hoop houses full of brassica at our Arcata farm, and the quality is looking great. Here on the foggy redwood coast we still get chilly nights throughout the summer. These cold nights are how we are able to achieve the beautiful purples, pinks and whites in the center of our brassica. Keep an eye on this crop, you are going to see its popularity grow.

Watch this video of J. Schwanke doing a great "How To" with our brassica.


Did you see us in The Wall Street Journal?

Our lead grower in Oxnard, Gerrit Vanderkooy, made a splash highlighting our partnership with Kubota Tractors this week in The Wall Street Journal.

Here is an excerpt:

"Gerrit Vanderkooy is directly responsible for the happiness of millions of love-struck couples on Valentine's Day. He is the reason so many mothers are overjoyed every Mother's Day. As general manager for The Sun Valley Group in Oxnard, California, he and his team members plant, harvest and ship premium fresh-cut flowers for wholesale florists all over the country."





Zantedeschia Revealed

Zantedeschia are commonly referred to as "Calla Lilies" but this is bit of a misnomer. The white Calla lilies you see growing in yards and gardens are actually  the "Aethiopica Calla Lily."

Zantedeschia is a different species,with great range of colors. We will have orange, yellow, red, purple, white, pink and bi-colors as this crop takes off.

Buzzing in Willow Creek
Our Willow Creek farm is buzzing with activity. The cotinus harvest is continuing at a good pace and the rosehips are just starting to "Fuji". This refers to the rosehips taking on the look of a classic Fuji apple, which is part red and part green.

When we say Willow Creek is buzzing, we mean it literally, as we have huge colonies of honey bees keeping the rosehips and ilex company  to ensure the flowers get pollinated and the berries grow.


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Arcata Crop Tending          
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Oxnard Farm Operations

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Canada Operations Team     

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