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August 21, 2014
Edition 18

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Women's Day 2015
Last week our team received a great honor. We were recognized with the "Marketer of the Year" award from the Society of American Florists, for our work promoting Women's Day as a major floral holiday. This is a great stride for our industry and gives me confidence that the work we started four years ago is rising to the next level. As an industry, we need to be less reliant on Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, we can do this by promoting  more occasions to give and receive flowers.

Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th, is a great opportunity to share flowers with the women in your life, and a great opportunity for flower farmers to "make the pie bigger."

Please read the full SAF press release, and watch the video of my acceptance speech. Join us in celebrating Woman's Day in 2015. 


Antique Hydrangea Are Ready
The anticipation is over, the 2014 antique hydrangea crop is coming on. The pick traditionally starts slow then picks up speed as the nights get colder. Many of the varieties we grow are planted especially because they antique really well. The vintage look is still a very big style trend, and people can't get enough of these multicolor, multifaceted blooms. A single stem can stand alone as a bridal bouquet, or a few stems on a pedestal can fill up hallways and foyers. We are known for big hydrangea, and this equals big antiques as well. Want to learn how to antique your own hydrangea? Check out Flower Talk

Colorful Zantedeschia
Our amazing, bright Zantedeschia crop is ready in a spectrum of colors. With blooms that average 4 inches tall (depending on variety) on 20 to 30 inch stem lengths, these are not to be confused with smaller "mini-callas."

Right now, zantedeschia are wildly popular with florists and consumers. We rose to the occasion to meet this demand, and we are excited to show you the quality we are bringing to market. Here is our page with the current varieties, isn't the Garnet Glow (pictured) awesome? A perfect match for the Pantone color of the year.


The Society of American Florists Celebrates 160 Years.

Sun Valley has been a long supporter of the SAF. The Society of American Florists is the leading organization representing all segments of the floral industry. SAF is proud to provide marketing, business and government services to its members, including growers, wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, importers, educators, designers and allied organizations. The association was chartered by an act of Congress in 1884.

Visit their website, follow their About Flowers blog and check out their publication, Floral Management.





Royal LA Hybrid Lilies

Our LA Hybrid program is kicking into high gear as we approach fall. We will have the yellows, oranges and reds of autumn in big numbers. We call our LA Hybrids, "Royal Lilies" since our LA's are in a class all of their own. On our Flower Talk blog we asked Lane why our Royals are superior to others on the market. Take a look.
Master Class with Ren� Van Rems
Ren� Van Rems AIFD is one of the most in demand flower designers in the world. We love Ren� since he is California based, yet Dutch born. This is perhaps the perfect pedigree for a modern flower designer.

He has few spots left in his September 22-26 Master Class, go to his website if you want to learn with a modern master.


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