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September 24, 2014
Edition 19

P. Allen Smith with a group of California flower farmers

Commitment and Camaraderie
Autumn brings increased flower consumption, and I am excited to join my fellow California flower growers, as we supply America's flowers. When a farmer makes a commitment, it is not something made lightly. We flower farmers have made a commitment to our customers, to our team members and to our communities to continue producing the best quality flowers. We have committed to sustainability and we have committed to the future of a great Californian tradition, flower farming.

When making a serious commitment, it also builds a bond with those who share the commitment. This camaraderie is one of the real joys of being a California flower farmer. I hold my fellow flower growers in the highest regard, and I respect the commitment they have made.

I ask you, what are you committed to?


Southern Hemisphere Tulips
Need fall colored tulips? Want tulips that are as big, beefy and saturated as you'd expect in spring?  No problem, we have a stellar fall tulips ready to impress your customers.

We do this by bringing in bulbs that have been growing in New Zealand. Southern Hemisphere bulbs take off in our greenhouses, because they have been acclimated to think it is spring. So, our "fall tulips" are really just "spring tulips" from a place where the seasons are reversed. 

Rosehip season is here. We have green, Fuji (green and red bicolor) and the bright, bold, red is just beginning. Sun Valley rosehips are one of our most anticipated crops of the year. We grow the hips on our picturesque farm in Willow Creek perched on the banks of the Wild and Scenic Trinity River. Every year we sell out of this crop, so start planning now. Rosehips are an autumn tradition in floral design, their beautiful color and form make them a classic.


Produce Marketing Association

Sun Valley is a proud supporter of the Produce Marketing Association. We are excited for this year's "Fresh Summit" held October 17, 18, 19 in Anaheim, CA. This event is highlighted by the "Floral Pavilion" featuring flower growers from across the globe. Our booth number is 4144, come say "Hi" and see our huge collection of farm fresh flowers. Our theme is  "Moments of Awe," and this wild display is pretty over the top, so we expect to see you!





Pick Your Lilies

We have huge plantings of lilies in the ground, and the fall harvest is just getting under way. What's your favorite? We have Asiatics, Orientals, OT Hybrids and LA Hybrids. We have what you are looking for.
  • Big White Ories
  • Starfighters
  • Rose Lilies
  • Dramatic Sonatas
  • Autumn Royals

Iris Supply Increasing
As our plantings move from northern California to southern California, our solid iris harvest is ramping up. As interest grows in the "American Grown" flower movement, iris is the ideal flower to promote this great trend. Iris is a true blue American Grown flower, here is a video of Lane talking about the flower and the movement.


Joe Manzi
Arcata Mechanic
Luis Olivera
Oxnard Iris Team

Alex Park
Canada Flower Packing 

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