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November 25, 2014
Edition 21

Lane and Tony DeVries.

The Season of Thanks
Thanksgiving is here and it is a great time to reflect. Looking back these past twelve months we have much to be thankful for. We are blessed with wonderful group of hardworking and dedicated team members who put their heart and soul in growing, harvesting and shipping some of the finest flowers in the market place. We are very thankful for our suppliers who bring us the best planting material and some of the newest varieties. We are blessed with loyal customers who understand the value of great flowers. We thank our Creator for blessing us in what we do.

Thank you for your support, and I wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.


Red Tulips
The Season of Red is just around the corner, and Sun Valley is ready! (Pun intended!)

We have red tulips from our Southern Hemisphere plantings and we have red tulip varieties from France that we are going to start harvesting the day after Thanksgiving.  Il de France is the classic red variety for the season, and we have large plantings in the ground for the Holidays. Pre-Booking is a good idea.

Red Ilex
Ilex is a perfect match for holiday arrangements and no one has better quality than Sun Valley. Last December this berry was written up in the Huffington Post as a hot trend and we are seeing demand continue to grow.  We have been breeding our own varieties for several years now, so this is not some "garden variety" holiday berry. Match these berries with white Ories, white tulips, starfighters ... or?  Tis the season, to get creative!


Flower Summit in Miami

The California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers held a Flower Summit recently in Miami. Ten organizations were present, including farmers from Ecuador, Colombia and California, as well as, representatives from AEF, AFFIF, AIFD, PMA, SAF, WF&FSA and CalFlowers.

The goal was to have an inclusive conversation on how we can all work together to better our industry. Many projects were discussed, however, the group consensus decided that as an industry, we will work together in promoting Women's Day in 2015 and beyond.

So, start planning now for March 8th, 2015.

This effort to work together is very exciting, and we want to thank CalFlowers for making it happen.



French Tulips!

French Tulips are coming on just in time for the holidays. We will have the wonderful "Clearwater" variety ready to go. This is a huge white tulip. You may need extra reindeer to pull these show-stopping beauties to your holiday events.

White Orientals
White Ories are a holiday tradition. Paired with our Christmas Greens, this combination truly speaks to the joy of the season.

We grow the premier varieties, so expect big blooms, with strong stems and a great bud count.

We wrote about our White Lilies on our Flower Talk blog last year, check it out. And don't forget to pre-book your greens!


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