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December 22, 2014
Edition 22

Happy Tulip Holidays

Season's Greetings
 As the year wraps up and we take a breath to enjoy time with family and friends, I think about the word perspective. Perspective is defined as a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

My perspective on the flower industry is extremely positive. As a California flower farmer, I have been watching over the last few years as the narrative has shifted to locally grown, CA Grown and American Grown flowers. Customers and consumers are interested in hearing the story of the American flower farmer. I have seen demand increase for high quality blooms, with unprecedented vase life and I have seen new varieties developed that are enticing consumers to explore the vast range of flowers available at their corner florist or at their supermarket.

This is a profound transformation in our businesses and our lives. Thank you for being part of this sea change.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


Colors Galore
January brings the beginning of Tulip season. This means our greenhouses will have all the colors of the rainbow pushing up towards the sky. Through the fall, we focused on the oranges and yellows, then red and white for the holidays.

Now we get to really show off the wide spectrum of tulip colors. Add in the wild Parrot Tulip and stately French Tulips and you will forget that it's winter. Isn't that the point?  

Telstar Iris
Our January iris crop in Oxnard will be coming in strong. Blue is the perfect color for winter themed arrangements and the elegant shape of the iris makes it very versatile.

 Iris in Valentine's Day arrangements add depth and contrast. Iris will be big this year, since American Grown flowers will certainly be a hot item, and iris are a true classic. Watch Lane explain how we grow iris and the perfect time to purchase them. WATCH


Rose Parade
New Year's Day 2015 

Once again Sun Valley will be a big contributor to the Rose Parade in Pasadena. We are excited that Cal-Poly will have a Certified CA Grown float, featuring our flowers.

This year we are also thrilled to announce that FTD will be using exclusively CA Grown flowers for the vehicles they are decorating.
As you watch the Parade, be sure to hop on social media and use the hashtags:  #CAGrown and #AmericanGrown when you see the Cal-Poly float and FTD cars.



Dahlias Growing

We are currently growing some test varieties and quantities of dahlias at our farm in Oxnard. So far the tests have been very successful, so keep an eye out for dahlias in our repertoire some time in the near future.

Follow the Farm
A couple weeks ago we passed 5,000 fans on Facebook. People love to see photos of the farm and see the stunning flowers we grow.

Are you a Facebook Fan?

Nearly 1,200 people follow our Twitter stream.

We have just been diving in to Instagram, so if this is your thing, please follow along.


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