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January 28, 2014
Edition 23
Valentine's Day lift off!

Flower Super Bowl
Much of the work we do throughout the year is training and preparing for the big floral holidays. As we look at Valentine's Day 2015, I am excited for the action to begin.

The crops look great, and our team members are in place. Now, it is the time for all the parts of the operation to come together. I think it's ironic that the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day are the same time of year, since both these events take an enormous amount of teamwork and frankly the stakes can't be any higher.

I know our team is ready for the big event, however, instead of winning a trophy; we strive to maintain your trust. Thank you for your confidence and I am sure we will achieve all our Valentine's day goals together.


Go Time for French Tulips
Perhaps no flower in the industry has the presence of our "Redwood Grove French Tulips." Single Late tulip bulbs are bred to grow tulips that are tall, with huge blooms. These tulips are the epitome of elegance and grace. They stand alone as a consumer bunch wonderfully, and pair with other botanicals as a stunning enhanced bunch. If your customers are ready for something spectacular, these stunning tulips are a welcome change in perspective. 

Hot Hyacinth
Hyacinth are back. This classic flower with a wonderful scent is ready to ship. Check with your sales representative to hear what colors are in the cooler today.

Fun Fact: Sun Valley has been posting images to Pintrest for years, with nearly 1000 pins. Our picture of the "Atlantic" (left) has been repinned 129 times!

People love the rich colors and entrancing scent of hyacinth. Order a few boxes as the season heats up.


Ensign Wholesale Floral  

Ensign is committed to procuring a vast and diverse selection in fresh flowers and the latest in floral supplies. Providing flower industry education to customers is a top priority as they work with the best educators from around the world.

Ensign Wholesale Floral is the finest business of its kind in the Intermountain West. Located in the heart Salt Lake City, Utah, Ensign services all of Utah and surrounding states. They pride themselves in providing consistent superb products at the best price along with great service, and constant communication.

The great staff at Ensign loves flowers! They love the farmers, the shippers, the logistics, and the challenge of growing the flower business by gaining the trust of their customers! Visit their Online Flower Gallery and watch the 2015 Flower Trends Forecast.



Woman's Day Tulip Special
March 8th is Woman's Day and tulips are the flower of choice for this spring holiday.

Sun Valley has been promoting Woman's Day for several years, and the effort is truly starting to bear fruit. Mass marketers, wholesalers and retails are getting behind an impressive effort which is growing sales for the floral industry.

Ask your sales representative about the Woman's Day Tulip special. 

Iris Push
Sun Valley is the premiere iris farm in the United States. We grow the blue beauties in both Northern California and Southern California, so we have farm fresh iris ready for consumer bunches and bouquets.

Blue iris are actually a huge item in Valentine's Day mixes, so make sure you have a good supply on hand for the big day.


Eric Stallknecht & Kaylee South
Arcata Interns
Lourdes Gonzalez
Oxnard CIP Coordinator
John Whillier
Canada Production

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