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February 26, 2015
Edition 24

March 8th is Women's Day

Sun Valley started talking about Women's Day back in 2010. If you had told me then, where we would be today, I would not have believed you.

We are experiencing an amazing amount of support for this American holiday from all segments of the industry. This year, I was part of a group promoting Women's Day on a whole new level.
Ten organizations, including farmers from Ecuador, Colombia, and California, as well as, representatives from AEF, AFFIF, AIFD, CCFC, PMA, SAF and WF&FSA, all worked together to have two posters created, and then 25,000 copies distributed across the United States. Right now, these posters are in supermarkets, wholesale houses, and retail florist locations, creating new awareness and new sales for Women's Day. See our Resource Page for more info.

Yesterday, I was featured on the Slow Flowers Podcast with Debra Prinzing talking about Women's Day, please have a listen.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported Women's Day, and I'm already looking forward to Tuesday, March 8th, 2016. 



Women's Day Tulip Special!
Sun Valley is offering a great tulip special on our premium soil grown tulips.

Soil grown tulips have better bloom color, better vase life, and perform at a much higher level than a hydroponic tulip.

This is a great opportunity to increase your sales and help build Women's Day as a floral event.

Call your sales rep, since Women's Day is approaching fast.
Download Info Sheet.

Royal LA Hybrid Lilies
We have a great selection of LA Hybrids ready for you and your customers. We have our classic Royal Lilies growing in both Arcata and Oxnard, and will have a steady supply through Mother's Day.

LA Hybrids have strong stems, saturated colors and the thick petals are very durable. These lilies are in demand for consumer bunches, as well as, bouquet work.

Do all lilies smell? Check out our Lily Scent Guide.


Debra Prinzing & Slow Flowers  

Debra Prinzing has truly started a movement. She has been working tirelessly to educate the public about where their flowers come from and where their flowers should come from.

One of her most powerful platforms is her Slow Flowers Podcast. Since starting in July 2013, there have been 35,500 downloads of her conversations with leading voices in American flowers and floral design.

To download and subscribe to free episodes in iTunes. Click Here
To listen to this week's Podcast with Lane DeVries, Listen here.
Be sure to visit Debra's  website  or the Slow Flowers website.



Ornithogalum Growing

In 2010, Lane traveled to Israel to select an outstanding Ornithogalum variety.  Five years later this crop is now in production at our Oxnard farm.  The  plant Lane selected was labeled "AV-13" in the field. We are bringing this stunning variety to market as "Royal Valley."  You will be hearing a lot more about this crop in the future. 

Rene Van Rems Float Workshop
Fiesta Parade Floats is opening their doors to a very unique workshop. Come work with Rene Van Rems on large scale installations, prop building and special event topiary container preparation.

To participate in this very rare opportunity, contact (and tell'em you heard it on The Horizon!)


Armando Garcia
Arcata Crop Protection Specialist
Abimael Olivera-Loeza
Field Preparation                
Tomasa Leon
Canada Production

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