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March 26, 2015
Edition 25
Lane with a bunch of #CAGrown viburnum.
Seasonal Crops on the Farm

Sun Valley is known for year-round tulips, iris, and lilies. These are the foundation of our farm.

However, this time of year, I get really excited to
work with many of the seasonal crops we grow. Walking the farm now, I am seeing rows of hyacinth in steamy hoop houses, I see our ornithogalum crop reaching tall and straight.  Driving up to our Willow Creek farm, the viburnum is growing in big, green rows, right up to the edge of the field.

As a young man growing tulips in Holland, this was an exciting season. Spring was the time we tended our crops and brought our tulips to market, it was a great time of year, because we knew winter was behind us.

This spring, see what we have in addition to tulips, iris, and lilies.


Vibrant Viburnum
Sun Valley's viburnum crop is coming in strong. A temperate winter at our farm in Willow Creek has led to big, showy heads on this spring classic.

We are harvesting the green blooms now, and the amazing white "Snowballs" will be along in a few weeks. This crop has a very "Field to Vase" esthetic, so order some in today. Judging from current weather patterns, this crop will be completed by late April, early May. Hop on board!

French Tulips Gone Wild!
Right now, we have big, bodacious French tulips ready to ship.

10 years ago, French tulips were only available in tame pastel colors. Today, we have a rainbow of colorful Frenchies available. These tulips posses the classic French qualities of super long stems (36 in.) and heads that open up to the size of a coffee cup.

If it's an impactful, spectacular bloom you want, our French tulips will do the job!


Sun Valley Team Members of the Year 2014

We are proud to announce our Team Members of the Year. At each farm one team member is selected by the Team Leaders to be honored for their hard work and dedication.

Wendy Solis-Mendez in Arcata.
Lourdes Gonzalez in Oxnard
Wilmer Miranda in St. Catharine's

Congratulations, job well done! 



Hyacinth for Mother's Day

Our Hyacinth program will be hitting its stride as we push toward Mother's Day.
Sales Reps will have daily allotments available and plenty of the popular purples, pinks, and whites, that make Hyacinth a "go to" flower for Mother's day.

Does any flower match the scent of a Hyacinth?  

Dubium Going Fast
Our Ornithogalum dubium is getting a great response. This is leading solid sales, for this wonderful, long lasting flower. It looks like we will run out about the end of April. The story of our Ornithogalum dubium is pretty amazing, this crop has been in the making for 5 years.
Read our recent blog posts to get the full story.

Journey of the Wonder Flower Part 1.

Season of Wonder Part 2.


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Tulip Bunching      
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