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Sun Valley Horizon | May 2015 Edition
May 28, 2015
Edition 27
Sunrise over Lane's truck.
Continuous Improvement Program

First, thank you for a very successful Mother's Day.

As we head into summer,
our team is poised to switch gears. We are still planting and harvesting, but we are also making time to take care of maintenance, and working on many CIP projects.

CIP Stands for "Continuous Improvement Program." Our goal is to keep evaluating and tightening up our farm in any way we can. It is an active process, where we target an opportunity area, and make the change or the upgrade to improve the particular system.

This program embodies our Guiding Principle #9. "Continuously improve and innovate."


Lisianthus is HERE.
Lovely Lizzy is now being harvested in a host of colors and stem lengths. This year's crop has started out strong on our Oxnard farm, where we grow it outside , in hoop houses.

Each stem has multiple blooms which have the elegance of a rose and the delicate petals of a sweet pea. The blooms open successively, which gives this flower excellent vase life.  Lizzy has a wonderful "field to vase" esthetic, and it very hot now with designers.

spring sensation bqt
Summer Bouquets
Our Sun Pacific Bouquet Division is ready to take care of your summer bouquet needs.

We have farm fresh bouquets, featuring a wide variety of blooms. Take out the middle man, and buy straight from the farm.

Do you have a particular offering in mind? Let Rodi and Melina put some options and price points together for you.  


Are you coming to I.F.E ? 

The Sun Valley team will be headed to Chicago in just over a week for
the International Floricul
ture Exposition.

Our Booth number is 847
. Swing by and see our dazzling flowers, and our new campaign, FLOWERS HAVE POWERS! 



Don't you love our deep burgundy Cotinus? Every year this unique crop gets more and more exposure. It is a great filler for bouquets and partners very well with tulips, lilies or iris in a vase arrangement.

Our sales rep.  JW, just placed a white french tulip and cotinus arrangement in the center of the sales office, and people are still oohing and ahhing.   

Introducing "Stardust"
The next generation of the legendary Stargazer Lily is here. Did you know the original Stargazer was bred right here in Humboldt County, CA?

The Starfighter was the second generation of the original Gazer, and now, we look to the future, with the introduction of the Stardust Oriental lily.   


Tanner Allen
Arcata Agronomy    
Florentino Gallegos-Cantero
Oxnard Bouquet Dept.               
Fernando Botella Espinose
Canada Planting, Packing and Bunching.

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