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June 25, 2015
Edition 28
Left to Right: Rebecca Eckblad, Jennifer Garbarek, Robert Mariano, Amy Carrieri, Lane DeVries
Inspiring Conversations
Summer is our time to get off the farm and check in with our friends across the industry. It is also time to meet new friends, and get inspired by all the great work happening within the floral world.

At IFE in Chicago, I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Mariano, the CEO of Mariano's. I came away truly inspired by the man and company that he leads. The attention to quality and the customer experience these stores are able to achieve, is a model across the supermarket industry.

I love to see organizations that focus on quality the way we do, and we are blessed to have many sales partners striving with us every day to delight and amaze consumers. 

See you in July, at SoCal FPFC and at Fun 'N Sun.


Sea Waltz Delphinium
Our tall, rich blue Delphinium is looking great. This crop has always been a favorite, and we have increased plantings to meet demand.

The royal blue color of the blossoms and the dramatic length, which gives arrangements and bouquets great "line," make our Sea Waltz an outstanding choice for florists and designers.

Colored Calla Lilies
Technically, they are called Zantedeschia, but we know most consumers simply think of them as Calla lilies.

We have hoop houses brimming with colored callas right now, and we have new varieties coming in as well. Summer through fall is Calla season, so make sure to share these stunners with your customers. 

Warm saturated colors and a 2 week vase life will make our Zantedeschia a hot crop this summer, so hop on in!


Hottest Ticket of the Summer?
Field to Vase.   

Wow, the American Grown Field To Vase Dinner Tour is making a splash across the country.

Just this week, the dinner series was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Food and Wine.

This is an amazing achievement for the American Grown movement. 
Check in with your Sun Valley Sales Rep and see what events they will be attending.

 You have your TICKETS  right?


Hydrangea Sizzle
Most of the country is experiencing a heat wave, but not us! This means our hydrangea crop is looking great, with more and more varieties and colors becoming available in the coming weeks.

Check out our recent Flower Talk blog post about our big, beautiful hydrangea.  

Best Flower Farming Blog?
Muhammad Ali famously quipped, "It's not bragging if you can do it."

Sun Valley's Flower Talk blog is pretty amazing. With 235 posts to date, we have posted a new insightful and educational piece every Tuesday for the last several years.

Covering our farms and our flowers, Flower Talk is a wealth of information, photos and fun.

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