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July 29, 2015
Edition 29
Lane's Hydrangea, taken on July 24th.

As a fourth generation flower farmer, I have been growing flowers my whole life. One would think that this skill would be mastered by now, but cultivating flowers can be a humbling experience. Every day we still learn new things.

Whether it's a new technology or perhaps, an old forgotten technique that needs to be revived, you have to keep an open mind.
It might surprise you that growing flowers requires constant innovation and the ability to adapt after nearly every growing cycle.  Our team of agronomists are always exploring ways to get our flowers to grow better in the ground and perform better in the vase. 

A great example is this year's hydrangea crop. We have been working to grow this crop precisely how our customers want it; using new varieties, new pruning techniques, and increasing durability with the end goal of superior vase life.

We have a guiding principle on the farm to "Continuously Improve and Innovate," and you see it in every stem.


Our Sonata Sensations
OT (Oriental crossed with Trumpet) Lilies are grabbing people attention across the flower world.

Sun Valley's "Sonata" OT's are spectacular. We start with the best bulb stock, then use the ideal growing conditions to produce lilies unparallelled across the industry. They have a lighter scent then a regular oriental, and the color saturation makes these a huge crowd pleaser.   

Hydrangea Highlights
And so it begins! Hydrangea season has started and the response this year has been great. We are using some new varieties, and of course keeping your old favorites on our 22 acre plot.

Just yesterday we posted a new blog post talking about what is happening out in the shade houses. It is seriously gorgeous out in the fields, so why not bring a little of that gorgeousness into your cooler?

P.S. Antiques will be here maybe as soon as next week. Check in with your sales rep. 


See You at
Fun 'N Sun?   

Sun Valley will be creating a dramatic flower display at this years Fun 'N Sun.

We hope to see you there in the coming days!

Be sure to come by our booth (203/204) and say hello!


Green Trick Time
Our Green Trick Dianthus crop is hitting its stride in Oxnard. We have hoop houses brimming with this wonderful dianthus variety.

This is a crop that people just have to touch. The amazing texture and the rich color make it a favorite of bouquet makers, but it is also a very popular consumer bunch.  

Late Summer Lizzy
Sun Valley's lisianthus crop is a staple of summer. We still have a lot of lizzy in the ground, and will continue  to harvest well into autumn.

The frilly blooms of lisianthus are a perfect compliment to the "Field To Vase" aesthetic. Plus, with multiple blooms per stem, lisianthus is a great value for consumers.


Joshua Corcoran
Arcata Tulip Picking/Planting  
Adalberto Olivera Castellanos
Oxnard Cart Mapping            
Ted Reynolds
Canada Tulip Bulb Coolers

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