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August 27, 2015
Edition 30
Lane with a bunch of Natalia

We strive to please our customers day in and day out.  Over the years, relationships, job titles, and technologies change. The way we communicated in 2005 or even 2010, is dramatically different than the way we communicate in 2015.

I look at my own inbox as an example. How much noise do we need to filter through to grow our business, and to take advantage of new opportunities? 

Are we communicating clearly with you and your organization?

Please let me or your sales rep. know how we can serve you even better.


Royal LA Hybrids
Warm days and cool nights in northern California, have led to phenomenal quality, and large numbers of available inventory of our Royal lilies.

Sun Valley Royal LA hybrids are superior to the lilies other growers produce, because of a few key differentiators. These include bulb stock, growing environment and grower experience. Simply put, our lilies are the gold standard in the floral world. Read more.

Start a Roselily Program
Roselilies are gaining appreciation from consumers. Our sales and plantings have been steadily climbing for the last few years as these lilies have burst onto the scene.

With new varieties featuring wonderful colors, great vase life, and stem strength, our Roselilies are poised to make a big impact with consumers in the coming months.

We will have a large supply right into spring, so this is a great time to look at starting a Roselily program. Read about the "Intricate World of Roseliles" on our blog.


Partnership with
PG & E

Check out this great new video highlighting our partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric.

We have been installing new greenhouse fans which are extremely energy efficient.

This video has some beautiful footage of our farm.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH or click the image above.


Z-Callas still HOT
Our hoop houses are still brimming with Zantedeschia. 

Our "Colored Callas" are reaching for the sky. The size and color of our blooms can't be beat.

We will have these beauties available until about Thanksgiving.

Flowers Have Powers
Our "Flowers Have Powers" graphics have been warmly received by the industry. Would you like to share this campaign with your stores or your customers? 

We will be happy to send you the print ready PDFs for free.

Share the Power! Email our Marketing Department to request a link.


Martin Romero
Oxnard IT Dept. 
Larry Gadon
Canada Packing Team Leader      

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