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September 30, 2015
Edition 31

Hands On
One of my favorite parts of flower farming is seeing the crops grow. It shows when plants are happy. I love to see the crop smile. A happy crop in the greenhouse translates into good looking product in the box, and the customers looking for more.
I honestly love coming back from the greenhouse or from our Willow Creek farm, with an outstanding variety, dropping it in a vase, and bringing it to the sales team; sharing my excitement.

We grow flowers, we don't source them. The team and I have watched every stem on our farms grow from bulb or seed, to harvest.
This direct connection from the field to the sales office is one of the reasons for Sun Valley's success.  We have a very transparent supply chain, and this leads directly to our reputation for the highest quality flowers available.
                                                                                               Thank you, Lane


Rosehip Arrival
With October comes our Rosehip crop. Rosehips are one of the most beloved floral accents. The warm red berries truly signal that summer is over and fall is here.

We grow these at our farm in Willow Creek, CA. This farm has a great micro-climate for rose hips, and this directly leads to great quality.

Welcome autumn with Rosehips!

Cotinus Crush
This years Cotinus crop has really produced. We have a great stock of this burgundy toned foliage, with various stem lengths, including 6 foot!
High end floral designers rely on this plant for vertical height and as a "line" design element.

Grab some Cotinus (common name, "Smoke Bush") and see the great response it gets from your customers.

Need more info? See last week's blog post.


Petal It Forward

Check out the Society of American Florists new event, happening NEXT WEEK.

The premise is simple, consumers are asked to buy 2 bouquets, then keep one and give the other away.

Taking the idea of "Pay it Forward" and adding flowers!

Check out of blog post for more information.


Ilex Approaching
Ilex Verticulata is very popular for the holidays, as well as, for fall bouquets. Our crop is looking great, and the first harvests are coming in.  

Now is the time to start talking to your sales rep. about how much you will need.

This crop will sell out, so it's time to start the conversation.

The Other Ilex
Are you familiar with Ilex M? It looks like holly, however, it is much more versatile.

Ilex M has long straight stems, with holly shaped leaves, minus the sharp edges. It is very popular as a holiday green and has a great vase life.


Erendira Ortiz-Garcia
Arcata Assistant Team Leader  
Javier Gonzalez Lino
Oxnard Propagation

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