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Sun Valley Horizon | October 2015 Edition
October 29, 2015
Edition 32

Spotlight on Sun Valley Lilies
Lilies, or lelies as I called them when I first started growing them as a young man in Holland, are not only a core crop of Sun Valley, but of the entire floral industry.

Our team of growers, at both our Arcata and Oxnard farms, have a huge knowledge base. Combine this with the environmental conditions of our two farms which lay at nearly sea level, and you have the perfect recipe for superior lilies.

This equates to richer colors, better bud counts, and an industry leading vase life. I was recently asked write a piece for the Produce News about what trends I'm seeing in the industry and in our own community. Please have a look.                                           
                                                                                               Thank you, Lane


LA Hybrids in Fall Colors
You need fall colors, and our Royal LA Hybrid lilies are available in a wide variety of bright oranges, yellows, reds, and purples. 

Our LA Hybrids are grown from the premier bulb stock, hand selected by Lane on visits to Holland.
Consistent quality and consistent supply are two hallmarks of doing business with Sun Valley. Let us delight and amaze you and your customers with these stunning lilies.

Textbook Texture
Texture is a key element to any floral design. Autumn is the time to let your love of texture shine.

We have the rosehips, cotinus, crocosmia pods, hypericum, and all the other warm toned wonders that make floral design in autumn so much fun. We have a cornucopia of  autumn items to explore.

So, this fall don't forget the joy that can be had with texture.

This is why we do this, right?


West Coast Evergreen 

Yes, it's greens time. Our greens division is standing by, ready for your order. Perhaps you bring in a whole truck and need to augment later in the season, or perhaps you need the whole truck.

You'll see a link to our greens price list on the Sun Valley price list. Keep this handy. We will be ready to supply you with great quality western and Christmas greens, holiday themed consumer bunches, and help you keep your head on straight as we roll into December. 


Planting Valentine's

This is what your Valentine's Day lilies look like today.

They'll be ready! 

Sunflower Power
Sunflowers are a classic fall flower and this autumn we have you covered. Our sunflower farm is harvesting big numbers daily.

Is it a coincidence that Sun Valley puts the "Sun" back in Sunflowers? 

We think not. Give your sales rep a call, and let the Sun shine!
Ilex Illumination
Our ilex program is off and running. We have our stunning red berries ready to sell now, and we are taking pre-books so you can be ready when we hit December.

Don't hesitate, and be left out. This crop sells out every year and demand is just growing.

...and doesn't it pair beautifully with lilies?


Oscar Gonzalez-Cervantes
Arcata Iris Picking Team Leader 
Tony DeVries
Arcata Assistant Hydrangea Picking Team 
Ramiro C. Olvera
Oxnard Propagation
Yanci Carrillo
Canada Production  (Period 8) 
Rolando Chavez
Canada Bunching
(Period 9) 

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