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November, 24 2015
Edition 33

Giving Thanks
Thanksgiving is just a couple days away, and as a flower farmer Thanksgiving has a very special meaning. We work very closely with the land, literally plowing and tilling the earth to grow our crops. Celebrating the bounty of our labor is a tradition as old as civilization.

I am thankful for my family, the hard working team members at our farms, and you, our customers, supporters, and friends.

This year, I am also very grateful for the rain we have been experiencing.                
On behalf of the whole Sun Valley family, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


A Sun Valley Tradition
The holiday season is woven with tradition. Consumers react to the time tested holiday classics.

Sun Valley offers huge white Oriental lilies, our bright red Ilex, and Port Orford Cedar.  The combination of these three items is the epitome of the holiday season. This trio has the colors of Christmas, and the Port Orford and lily bring a warm fragrance of holiday cheer.

Red Tulips are Ready
Our greenhouses are brimming with red tulips.

Tulips are as versatile as they are beautiful. An enhanced bunch of tulips with Cedar or Doug Fir is a great holiday offering. However, tulips are also an intricate part of holiday bouquets and holiday themed creations, since they add so much personality to arrangements.

P.S. We also have rows and rows of white tulips which contrast the reds and greens of the season perfectly.

Happy Silver Anniversary to the CCFC!  
Next week the California Cut Flower Commission officially celebrates 25 years as an advocate for California's flower farmers.

During the last 25 years, the CCFC has become one of the most trusted and important voices in the flower industry. We are grateful to have the CCFC joining us as we educate consumers on the importance of buying flowers grown on American soil and supporting American jobs. 

Valentine's Day
83 Days until Valentine's Day 2016.

Now is the time to start talking to your sales rep and start making your plan.

The buzz about American Grown flowers is gaining momentum, and this Valentine's Day we will definitely see more consumers looking for domestic flowers. 

French Tulips Warming Up
What do you offer customers who want "New" and "Different?"

Our French Tulips are drama on a stem. We offer a fresh color palette, including oranges, purples, reds, as well as all the classic hues.

Whether reaching nearly 40 inches out of vase or elegantly bending to kiss the table, Frenchies are just plain stunning.

We will start offering them at the end of December, just before Christmas, and then increase our numbers as we roll into the new year.  


Maria Ornelas
Arcata Lily Picking 
Raymundo Ruiz de Jesus
Oxnard Assistant Team Leader 
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