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January, 27 2016
Edition 35

Kicking Off the 2016 Field to Vase Tour
Valentine's Day 2016 is just about here. On the farm, we are working diligently to get your flowers picked, packed, and delivered. Trust that the Sun Valley Team is in "All Hands on Deck" mode.

It always seems the biggest variable in the Valentine's Day push is the weather, so let's all say a prayer together that no winter storms will complicate what already is an intense time in the flower industry.

On Saturday, March 12th I invite you to a very special occasion. Sun Valley is hosting a Field to Vase dinner at our farm in Arcata, CA. Come dine among the tulips in a celebration of American Grown flowers.

The Field to Vase Dinner Tour made big headlines in 2015, and we are honored to kick off the 2016 tour. Here is the link to learn more.

See you in Arcata, March 12, 2016.


Valentine's Day Tulips
We have the reds, pinks, and whites you need to pull off a successful Valentine's Day. Call your rep. and make sure you have plenty of stock as the big day approaches.

Our soil grown tulips are superior in color, vase life, and foliage than other growers. We also have the premier bulb supply, so we can offer the best varieties.

Sun Valley at its soul is a tulip farm, and this is the time of year when we shine.

Matsumoto Maddness
Since the early nineties Sun Valley has been known primarily for our 3 core crops. Tulips, Lilies, and Iris.

Today though, it could be said we have a "Core 4," as the mighty Matsumoto Aster has taken its spot in the Sun Valley line-up.
The popularity of Matsumotos matched with our farming expertise, enable us to produce the best aster available. If you don't currently buy our Matsomotos, buy some this week, and let us delight and amaze you with the highest quality aster you ever seen.


Field to Vase Arcata.
Dine among the tulips with Lane DeVries, Amy Stewart, Debra Prinzing, and a host of fellow flower lovers. 

Do you have a bucket list?  This is a very rare opportunity to experience the Sun Valley Floral Farms, tucked between the epic redwoods of Humboldt County and the scenic Pacific Coast.

Buy your ticket today, as this event will sell out. 



Hyacinth Season Heating Up.
Our Hyacinth hoops in Arcata are looking great. This season we are highlighting the "A-Line" which is all the outstanding hyacinth varieties, that start with the letter "A"
  • Atlantic
  • Ann Marie
  • Antartica
  • Alladin
  • Anna Liza

Read Lady Aster's latest blog post on our Hyacinth crop. 

Do the DAHLIA Dance!

The hoops in Oxnard are coloring up wonderfully. We have many gorgeous varieties of dahlias ready to ship, and more coming.

This is not just a summer flower, you can get your Dahlia dance on right now!


Colleen Ferguson
Arcata Production and Marketing 
Leodegario Ortiz
Oxnard Assistant Team Leader 
Concepcion Olmeda
Canada Picking
(Period 12) 
Rita Alfaro
Canada Farm Work
(Period 13) 
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