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February, 25 2016
Edition 36

Women's Day Shipping
We are beginning to ship Women's Day flowers this week, and by the weekend and into early next week we will be ramping up significantly. We are having a great early spring, and the tulips, lilies, iris, and asters are coming in just as planned.

Women's Day's 2016 is poised to beat previous sales goals and again, give consumers a great reason to buy flowers. We do need your help though, whether you are a mass market retailer, a wholesaler, or a florist; a cooperative effort is what will move the dial for all. So please help spread the word about Women's Day. Need inspiration?  Read this blog post.

Thank you for joining us in promoting Women's Day, Tuesday, March 8th, 2016.


Freesia Fanatics UNITE!
Our ever popular freesia crop is coming in strong in Oxnard. We have white varieties ready to ship.

For spring weddings or elegant consumer bunches, Freesia is always stunning.

Sun Valley will maintain a year round supply of Freesia, so ask your sales rep to start a program or a standing order.

See first hand why Calvin Klein Eternity, Chanel Allure Eau de Toilette, Ralph Lauren Romance, DKNY Pure and even Jennifer Lopez Still all have a dominant freesia note.

Spring Tulips
Big, colorful tulips are the order of the day. We have all colors in Standard varieties, we have giant Frenchies and of course, wild Fancy tulips and Super Fancy Parrots all available as spring kicks into high gear.

What makes a Sun Valley tulip superior to others? It is not just a single factor but the combination of bulb stock, growing conditions and of course, Lane's unmatched expertise as a 4th generation tulip grower.

Check out this comparison of Sun Valley soil grown tulips to the average water grown tulips from Holland or Canada.


Sun Valley is now Bloom Check Certified
BloomCheck is the differentiator when it comes to what sustainability really means in the floral industry. Flowers that are BloomCheck-certified have met the highest standards for flower production.

When you offer BloomCheck-approved flowers, you're assuring that the flowers consumers are selecting have been grown with a respect for the land and for the people that work it.

 To learn more visit: 

Do You Have Your Ticket?

The Field To Vase Dinner Tour
comes to Arcata on March 12.

Dine among the tulips with the likes of Amy Stewart and Debra Prinzing. Before dinner, go on a private tour of the farm led by Lane.

Enjoy dinner created by the two premier loca-vore focused chefs in the region, hailing from Folie Douce and Cafe Brio.

Grab your tickets here, there is also an option to book a hotel room at the same time, for out of town guests.    
Iris Abundance
We've been fielding a lot of requests for iris from designers and buyers.

Color-wise, we have blue, purple, light blue, yellow and white.

This spring time classic is ready to ship, and of course, our quality is exceptional.


Laura Pinnow
Arcata Assistant Team Leader 
Fermin Vargas Jimenez
Oxnard Product Development Assistant 


Oscar Silva
Arcata Assistant Team Leader
Cecilia Garcia Leon
Oxnard Line Leader
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