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March, 30 2016
Edition 37

Walk Among the Flowers
Here in Northern California the rivers are running high, the iris are blooming everywhere, and with the equinox behind us, the longer days are very welcome.

Walking the farm I can feel spring's energy. Rows of Royal lilies almost ready for harvest, knee high hydrangeas; which will be shoulder high in a couple months, and of course the boisterous tulips, the most iconic flower of spring.

As we walk the farm to inspect our crops, it is also a time to reflect on the past and the present. One often overlooked aspect of flowers is their ability to keep us grounded and give us perspective. In a complicated world; flowers remain humble yet, filled with wonder, and I am grateful for this.

Take a moment in the coming weeks to walk among the flowers in your community, spring only happens once a year.



Dubium orange
Ornithogalum Dubium
Orange continues to be hot with consumers and our stunning Dubium fits this need perfectly.

Lane went to Israel himself to select one of our varieties. He selected a breed renown for it's tall, straight stems and hefty bloom count.

We grow this at our Oxnard farm and the crop looks phenomenal. We also have white and yellow.  Bring on the Dubium!

Check out our Resource Page for more info.

Hyacinth Happening
Hyacinth is a true spring delight. Our season only lasts through mid-April, so delight and amaze your customers with our fragrant, colorful beauties.

This year we are offering the "A Line" which is the premiere bulb stock in the world and this paired with our enormous amount of hyacinth growing experience, you have a perfect recipe for the best hyacinth available.


Rene Van Rems Workshop
Join Rene as he works with many of our flowers.
Fun Fact: Did you know Lane and Rene both graduated from the Agricultural School in Aalsmeer, Holland the same year?     

Snowballs are HERE!
Our current Viburnum harvest is in full swing, watch as springy green heads, mature into the revered white blooms  we lovingly call "Snowballs."

Viburnum has a short season, so call your sales rep to make sure they know you want Snowballs!!!

Z-Callas Coming On
Our colored Callas are in the ground at both farms. This means a great selection for you, available now.

Our Zantedeschia are huge, that is why we call them "Z-Callas" the term "mini-calla" just doesn't fit!

We will have Z-Callas through Thanksgiving, so it's prime time to start a program, featuring our ever-popular Z-Callas. 


Yanci Carrillo
Canada Warehouse  


Pete Klassen
Canada Tulip Bunching 
Manuel Alvarado
Canada Tulip Picking 
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