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April, 27 2016
Edition 38
Next year's bulb stock for our "World Legend" tulip.

Delight and Amaze for Mother's Day
One of Sun Valley's Guiding Principles is to delight and amaze customers. At the start of each day, every team in the company recites the Guiding Principle of the day.

For the weeks leading up to the Mother's Day holiday, our teams are reminded to live this principles through daily action.

There is no more important time to exceed your customer's expectations than at Mother's Day.

The stakes are high at a holiday, since so many more demands are being made of you and your organization. Rest assured that the Sun Valley Team is operating at the highest level, and we are bringing the best flowers in the industry to market and backing them up with the best customer service.

We are here to serve you and our singular goal is to delight and amaze. Thank you for your business.


Superior Tulips
Not all tulips are created equal.

Our soil grown tulips are the industry gold standard. If you care about vase life, stem strength, and color saturation, than you know Sun Valley grows the best tulips available.

Lane is a fourth generation tulip grower, and our access to the very best bulb stock and the hottest varieties is unparallelled.  Sun Valley stands for dependable, year-round quality. 

Our Zantedeschia, aka Colored Callas, are ready to go. This popular flower is quickly becoming a Sun Valley standard.

We are growing them in both Oxnard and Arcata, so we have availability through late fall.
These flowers boast a long vase life, and a quick look at Pintrest will show you how in-demand they are, especially as wedding season is about to kick into high gear.

We have a new blog post about our Z-Callas, have a look.


What's Hot?

We were just in San Francisco at The DeYoung Museum, "Bouquets to Art" Gala.  These impressive events are held all over the country, and they are a great opportunity to see what cutting edge designers are doing and what flowers are hot.

For Sun Valley flowers, we saw many designs with Ornithogalum, Green Ball Dianthus, Z-Callas, Iris, Delphinium, and Fancy Tulips, such as Crispas and Parrotts.

For non-Sun Valley product we saw Orchids and Protea being used extensively.

What trends are you seeing, in your business, at your shop or in your department?

Let us know! Email  


Lots of Lisianthus
Sun Valley is the leading grower of lizzy in the United States, both in quantity and quality.

Our long lisianthus is currently being harvested, and the pick numbers are only going up.

Like the "Wild Flower" look?  It starts here.

Roselilies Available
We have Roselilies available. They are selling very fast, but the numbers are increasing, so speak with your Sun Valley Rep. and see what we can put together for you.

These lilies just keep gaining in demand, and we will keep building the supply!


Ila Cobain
Arcata Assistant Team Leader Tulip Picking 
Natividad Munoz
Oxnard Field Tending   
Ashley S. Serrato
Oxnard Order Labels   
Manuel Alvarado
Canada Farm Work


Keith McKinney
Arcata Maintenance  
Beimar Olivera Cantero
Oxnard Soil Preparation 
Alicia Robles
Canada Tulip Bunching   
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