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May, 26 2016
Edition 39
It is Lisianthus season, we are ready for your order.

Thank You
This Mother's Day holiday was a great and memorable one, I would like to thank the Sun Valley team for reaching deep within themselves to achieve a very successful holiday. It gives me a deep sense of gratitude to experience this level of team work and cooperation across the whole company.

A big thank you to our customers. Your trust in the Sun Valley team to not only meet your expectations, but to delight and amaze is what enables us to be in business.

When I see our company operating at peak level, I wonder, why do we do this? What is the motivation? Sure, it is to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. But when I see team members going above and beyond for days on end, chipping in and helping out wherever needed, it speaks to something deeper in the human soul. It becomes a matter of principle that we will reach our goal and honor our commitments. It is truly awe inspiring, and I am very grateful to be a part of it.



Roselilies Right Now
Sun Valley is the leading grower of Roselilies in the United States. No one has greater experience in growing these beauties than our team.

The cool coastal climate and even light levels of Arcata, California create a superior flower. Compare our petal saturation, foliage and vase life to other growers, and you will see there really is no comparison.

Zantedeschia... aka
Our Zantedeschia crop looks phenomenal! Did you know "Calla" means Beautiful in ancient Greek?

Beautiful may be a bit of an understatement for the long stems, rich colors and huge blooms we are offering.

We are growing them in both Oxnard and Arcata, so we have availability through late fall. Delight and amaze your customers with this classic flower.


See You at I.F.E.? 

The Sun Valley team will be rolling into Chicago for the International Floriculture Exposition. The show takes place June 20, 21, and 22.

Once you get to McCormick Place, come find us at BOOTH #411.

We are scheduling dinners and lunches, so please let us know if you will be coming to the Windy City.

See you in Chicago!


Hydrangea Coming Soon
Are Hydrangea on your radar?  They should be!  As we enter June we will start harvesting, so it is time to get your program dialed in with your rep.

Sun Valley hydrangea are renown for their size and quality, so get ready! 

White Daisy Matricaria is a very popular filler flower. We have several hoop houses brimming with this versatile and beautiful crop. It pairs wonderfully with just about any flower and adds a playful touch to bouquets.  

White Daisy also is perfect for the "Wild Flower" look.


Rodrigo Patino Galvan
Arcata Team Leader 
Juan Olivera Cuevas
Oxnard Cart Maps & Special Orders  
Donovan Martin
Canada Planting & Packing   
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