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June, 29 2016
Edition 40
Guiding Principle #9
Summer is the time when our team gets to take a breath. It is also a time when we implement improvements to our systems and procedures. This is embodied in our Guiding Principle #9, "Continuously improve and innovate." 

Right now on our farm, we are examining all the procedures we use to pick, pack and ship our flowers. We are also getting feedback from the team members who do the work, because historically, it is these men and women who  have the insight into a task and have quietly figured out a better way to do the job.

If you have any thoughts on an area we could improve upon, send me an email. We welcome your input and appreciate feedback.



Lisianthus Land
If you come to our farm in Oxnard, CA, you will see an impressive array of Lisianthus. This crop loves the growing conditions in SoCal, and our team has the most growing experience in the industry.

Check in with your sales rep. to see what colors we have available today. Lizzy is very popular right now, as the "Wild Flower" look continues to grow in popularity.

Calla Crazy!
It was about 2 years ago we looked around the flower industry and were disappointed at the quality of colored callas we saw.

We set out to right this wrong, and now Sun valley has the highest quality zantedeschia on the market.  We call ours "Z-Callas." Have a look at our fields


Now Happening! 
All across the nation, from Alabama to Wyoming, Oregon to Maine, locally grown flowers will be highlighted and celebrated in a weeklong campaign where your flower farmers and florists showcase American grown red, white and blue blooms and designs on social media platforms, using the #americangrown hashtag.
American Flowers Week is the advocacy, education and outreach campaign produced by Debra Prinzing and, the free, nationwide, online directory to American Flowers and the people who grow and design with them.

Go to American Flowers Week to learn more!

Hydrangea Are Here
Sun Valley's Hydrangea program is off to a great start. We have about 22 acres in the ground, and we are currently offering some great new varieties, like the one pictured, called Amethyst.

Start planning now for our Antique Hydrangeas, which should arrive in August.

Cotinus from Willow Creek
Our cotinus crop is coming in beautifully. This rich, burgundy botanical is an excellent companion to long stemmed lilies or iris enhanced bunches.

It plays a wonderful role in bouquets, as the dark foliage sets off focal elements, and with various lengths available, cotinus can provide great "line."


Donald Herron
Arcata Team Leader 
Alberto Duran
Oxnard Oriental Picking  
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