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July 27, 2016
Edition 41
Hydrangea Fever
Most of you know I am a fourth generation flower farmer. Growing up in Holland, I was working in the tulip fields since about the time I could walk.  Sun Valley is renowned for our bulb crops such as tulips, lilies and iris; however, every July I catch the excitement of our hydrangea harvest.

We have 22 acres of hydrangeas growing at our Arcata location, about a mile from the Pacific Ocean. The fields are pretty quiet through most the year, then in about June, you start to feel the anticipation.
The harvest team will bring in samples and place in the office kitchen, and within minutes I can hear the "oohs and ahhs." The excitement leads to the warehouse team and to the sales team, as these amazing blooms are brought in from the field and the coolers start to fill up.

About this time, I will grab a few stems to place in my office, usually one of our new varieties. This year, the weather has been ideal for a strong crop.  Mild days and cool nights, with morning fog creates an ideal environment for our hydrangea. We grow them under a shade cloth, which increases the saturation of the blooms and protect the plants from any unexpected weather.

This summer, I hope you catch hydrangea fever,
                                                                                             - Lane


Oriental August
Celebrate summer with our big and bold Oriental lilies. Right now we have big numbers being harvested in Arcata, Oxnard, and Canada.

We have whites, pinks, and of course Starfighters. Our glass greenhouses are brimming, so give us a call!  Our "Orchid" brand of ories, are renown for thick, saturated petals, beefy stems, and huge blooms.

New Varieties
Summertime means Sun Valley's Hydrangea crop is in full swing. This year we have many new varieties, including the "Amethyst" which is pictured at left.

The cool coastal weather in Arcata is perfect for big showy heads and strong vase life.  Learn more about these new varieties HERE.


We are now staging product in MIAMI.

It is likely that you ship product out of Miami, how about grabbing  few cases of lilies and iris while your truck is making the rounds?

We have established a Sun Valley cross dock to better serve your needs.

Check in with your Sales Rep. to have Sun Valley's top quality product added to your Miami trucks. This is is a new program, and we are excited to offer this great opportunity to our East Coast customers.  Call or email your Sales Rep. or email for more information.


Fuji Green Rosehips
Designers are buzzing over our "Fuji" green rosehips. Each rosehip  looks like a small green apple, and some are starting to show a little red.  Perfect for summer!

We are harvesting these green wonders right now, and as we get into September the traditional, solid red rosehips will be available.

Sun Valley Niagara:
Our Canadian Farm
We are now including farm specific pricing (FOB Niagara) on our daily price list. If you are on the East Coast or Mid-West, please keep an eye on  our Canadian availability.

Right now, we are harvesting sunflowers and lilies.

Our Canadian farm, located just over the boarder from Niagara Falls, is at the bottom of the world famous Niagara Escarpment. This one of the most amazing micro-climates on earth for agriculture.


Omar Cornett
Arcata Team Leader 
J. Fernando R. Moreno
Oxnard Operations
Gumaro Gonzalez
Niagara Tulip Bunching (Period 5)  
Maximino Hernandez
Niagara Tulip Planting (Period 6)  
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