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August 31, 2016
Edition 42
Early Fall
In our little corner of the world, it looks like we are getting into fall sooner than expected. Arcata is always a temperate place, but we just experienced the coldest week 33 in 16 years. This doesn't affect our crops much, but when you hear your furnace click on in mid- August, it's a little unusual.

That said, I am looking forward to fall. Our Southern Hemisphere tulips start next week, our fall colored LA Hybrid lilies look great, and our fall themed lines of bouquets are ready to go.  Across the country the kids are headed back to school and Labor Day is coming this weekend.

As a farmer, I learned long ago, that you must follow the seasons lead. Happy Fall.
                                                                                                       - Lane


Talk to your Sales Rep. to get your SAMPLE 1/2 L of our Callas.

Our Zantedeschia crop is still going strong, and we want to prove it to you.

For our current customers, we are happy to add a 1/2 L box of callas to your order, so you can test drive these beauties. We'll be harvesting into November so it's a perfect time to get reacquainted with our Z-Callas.   
(Yes, samples...pick up the phone!)

Full Throttle Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are being bought as fast as we can pick them, but as you can imaging....we can pick them pretty fast.

We have fresh hydrangea in all the classic colors and we have ANTIQUES with their kaleidoscope of colors and textures. We have new varieties like Amethyst and Revolution, we have classics like  Opal and Emerald.

Simply put:  "It's On!" 


California Garden Clubs, Inc.

We are proud to support the this wonderful group. Their mission is five-fold:

1. To create, promote and further interest in horticulture, gardening, floral and landscape design, plant and bird life, and appreciation of the natural beauties of the State of California.
2. To encourage civic beautification and roadside development.
3. To assist in projects for the conservation of our natural resources.
4. To coordinate and centralize the work of the various California garden clubs and bring them into a closer relation of mutual helpfulness.
5. To cooperate with other agencies in furthering interests in educational areas.

  Visit their website to learn more.

Cotinus Pairings

You are likely familiar with Sun Valley's Cotinus, aka Smoke Bush.

This tall, dark burgundy foliage is perhaps the perfect fall accent.  

Have you explored using it in consumer bunches?  Sunflowers and cotinus are beautiful and our huge African Lady lilies paired with cotinus is striking.  Any my personal fav. Cotinus, Sunflowers and Royal Sunset lilies.

Sun Valley Baja
Sunflowers +

Our farm in Baja started as a Sunflower source, but now we have a great selection of other crops throughout the year.

Snapdragons | Amazon  Dianthus | Stock | Hypericum | Craspedias | Asclepia | Queen Ann's Lace | Eucalyptus | Statice | Solidago |Chrysanthemums | ...and my favorite,
Bells of Ireland.

Check in with your rep. to hear what's in season.


Raul Lopez
Arcata Assistant Team Leader

Nicolas Valencia Canales
Oxnard Cart Mapping  
Juan Manuel lopez
Tulip Crate Moving 
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