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Sun Valley Horizon | February 2018 Edition
February 1, 2018
Edition 58

Valentine's Day Performance
"Diligence is the mother of good luck."  -Benjamin Franklin

Here we go, Valentine's Day 2018 is here. Our team has been training for these upcoming weeks throughout the year, and the farm is buzzing with activity. I am working closely with our growers and our logistics team to make certain that this holiday is a success for you, our customers. The weather at both our Arcata and Oxnard farms has been tracking perfectly to bring our crops in on time.

Let's all hope for continued good weather to keep the wheels moving and delight and amaze consumers for Valentine's Day.
                                                                                          - Lane


Women's Day |  March 8th

Women's Day is actually just 5 weeks away. We are creating special offerings, featuring tulips, iris and a selection of Women's Day Bouquets. This year, the Pantone color of the year "Ultra Violet" matches the color theme of Women's Day beautifully. Start planning now, and have an exceptional Women's Day.        
Hyacinth Bring Happiness!

Our Rainforest Alliance Certified hyacinth crop is coming in beautifully. These charming, fragrant blooms are one of the classic flower that Sun Valley grows.  We use bulbs from the "A-Line" which are the largest available in Holland. All hyacinth are not created equal, and if you haven't experienced our product, then you may not be getting the full picture.   


Sun Valley is Staging Both California and Canadian Product in Miami.

We are staging a selection of Sun Valley core crops in Miami on a regular basis, AND we have an East Coast Sales Rep. ready to take your morning orders, while California is still sleeping.

Now you can add our flowers onto your trucks leaving Miami!  
Talk to your usual Sales Rep. or contact:

Michelle Park for an early orders:
6 AM - Noon (EST)  | 905-935-5250 |

Sun Valley flowers in Miami? Badda Bing! 

Easter is Early
Easter Sunday is April 1, making this one of the earliest Easters in recent history. We are planning ahead, and have adjusted our plantings accordingly. That said, now (or at least the day after Valentine's Day!) is a good time to start placing your orders to make sure you have what you need.  
Spring Iris
Our spring Iris harvest will be increasing in the coming weeks. Whether in straight bunches or paired with tulips, these blooms embody spring.
PRO TIP: We can bunch our Iris with our White Daisy Matricaria for you. You will have a hard time keeping these bunches in stock, but it is worth a try!


Go For the GOLD!
The Winter Olympics are February 9-25. This is a wonderful opportunity to grab Post-Valentines Day Sales!

The Olympic Bouquet
The Torch Bouquet
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