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Sun Valley Horizon | January 2018 Edition
January 4, 2018
Edition 57
The First Hyacinth of 2018  
New Year's Message
2018 promises to be a great year. Between Christmas and New Year's, I traditionally take some time to review the past year, and also to look forward into the new year. Our plantings for Valentine's Day, Women's Day and even our Easter lily plantings look very strong. I'm excited by the new crops we are offering, like cut Kalanchoe, and I think you will see some classic Sun Valley crops come back into the rotation for 2018.

What I'm most excited about for 2018 is our Team. An operation such as Sun Valley takes an enormous amount of dedication, talent and hard work to be successful, and these three attributes are needed across the board.

We are blessed to work alongside a phenomenal group of people;  from all different cultures and backgrounds. Our Team Members "make it happen" with exceptional attitudes every day of the week. You see this commitment to excellence in every stem that leaves our farm.

Happy New Year, and Cheers to 2018.      
                                                                              - Lane


Pre-Book Valentine's Day Tulips

Our tulip program is firing on all cylinders! Whether ornate Fancy Tulips, elegant French Tulips or our colorful selection of Standard Tulips, Sun Valley has the highest quality tulips available now. Talk to your sales rep about Pre-Booking your Valentine's Day needs, and especially check in on our French Tulips right now ...GORGEOUS!  
Iris Action

Iris are en vogue as the new Pantone color of the year "Ultra Violet" captures both the blues and purples of Iris. This flower is also surging in popularity due to its "down-home" appeal. Did you know it is the state flower of Tennessee?  
Watch this short video of Lane explaining how we grow our Iris.


Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet is expressed in many flowers grown by Sun Valley.  
This year's Pantone selection reflects the popularity we see for our purple and lavender flowers.
Matsumoto Asters, Lisianthus, and of course, purple Tulips and Iris, are very much in demand, and this trend will only grow as Ultra Violet becomes more prevalent in weddings, interior design, and fashion. 

Baja for the Winter
Our farm down in Baja is heating up, just as north of the border is in a deep freeze. Check out this short video that shows off the amazing quality and selection. Check in with your sales rep to to see what is available.
The Veronica and the peach Stock are getting a lot of buzz! 
Humboldt Hyacinth
Our Hyacinth harvest has begun!  These Rainforest Alliance Certified beauties are grown in hoop houses right next to the sales office in Arcata. The program is weighted toward the purple "Atlantic" variety, but we will also have pink, light pink and white.


Valentine's Bqt:
Endless Love
This Valentine's Day Bouquet is ready to Delight and Amaze. It is a wonderful study in pink and red, with the iris accent adding an eye catching contrast. 

1 Royal Pink Lily
2 Tulip Red
2 Iris Telstar
2 Roses Hot Pink
2 Waxflower Pink
2 Pom Daisy Pink
2 Salal
1 Honey Bracelet


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