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Sun Valley Horizon | October 2016 Edition
October 27, 2016
Edition 44
Elegant Orange Ilex
Our orange ilex berries are a fall classic.  We grow these at our farm in rural Willow Creek, CA right next to the Trinity River. It is a stunning location for a stunning crop. I usually drive up to this farm, locally known as Gardner Ranch, on Saturday afternoons.  It is the perfect way to decompress and enjoy spending time at this stunning location.

Though these fields are busy during the week as our team picks and prunes, on Saturday afternoon, all you hear is the river flowing, the ilex bushes swaying in the dry autumn breeze, and if I'm lucky, the call of one of the bald eagles that frequents the river to fish for salmon.

The cell phone coverage here is terrible, certainly no wifi...  just nature. It is truly a step back to a simpler time. Our orange ilex embodies this spirit as well, timeless, enduring and elegant.


Tulip Touchdown!

Our tulip line-up is ready for your November and December needs. We have plenty in the greenhouse, so now we just need your help.

We have all your fall colors covered, with the premiere varieties. We have simplified our program, so you can depend on getting the best varieties, which will delight and amaze your customers.

Autumn Royal Lilies

Our fall colored LA Hybrids are on schedule for a steady pick through fall. We are the lily experts; known for having the best varieties and the best bulb stock, year round production and due to our industry leading cold chain management, the best vase life.

Our LA Hybrids were recently featured in the Produce News, have a quick read, and then give us a call to see what colors we have on inventory. 


What Miami Means to You 
Have you taken advantage of our Miami inventory?

Our FOB Miami pricing is in your favor if you ship flowers from Miami...and who doesn't ship flowers from Miami?

Talk to your sales rep and see what we have on our Miami inventory, this is a game changer!


Get Hip
Every year we sell out of this popular crop. Our rosehips are solid red, and completely defoliated.

We anticipate having the crop well into December, however, as demand grows, supply goes down.

Moral of this story? Order yours today!
Sunflower Power
Fill up that cornucopia with sunflowers!  Our Baja farm is in full production with trucks loads arriving at our Oxnard cross-dock daily.

We have a few different varieties and colors available , as fall is the hot time for suns.

Whether for design work,  bouquets or consumer bunches, sunflowers are a  path to joy. Who doesn't like sunflowers?


Santiago Bautista
Arcata Oriental Picking and Bunching Team

Constantino Cordova
Oxnard Lily Planting 
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