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Sun Valley Horizon | November 2016 Edition
November 30, 2016
Edition 45
Holiday Greens
December starts tomorrow, and this means we are beginning the roller coaster ride, which will last right through to Mother's Day. One aspect of December which I love is Christmas greens.

Right now if you walk into the warehouse, most of what you will see and smell will be huge mounds of greens being processed.  This is a great niche for Sun Valley. We offer the fresh greens from northern California and Oregon in bulk,  but the real beauty here is that we can combine them with our core crops right here on the farm, making your life easier as we push through December.

Whether cedar, fir or pine, we can pair our tulip, lilies, ilex and other crops to create festive holiday bouquets. Check out our new Holiday Greens Guide to learn what we have available, and have a great holiday season.


Enhanced Consumer Bunches

Did you know we create retail ready bunches featuring holiday greens?

These are great for Mass Market retail, but also for Wholesalers looking to offer their customers a classic "Chop and Drop" to their customers. These enhanced bunches feature the freshest flowers, paired with greens harvested from Humboldt County, Del Norte County, and Southern Oregon.

North Pole Brassica

You need white, we have white. Our November/December Brassica plantings are coming in right on time and temperature.
Did you know Brassica needs cold temps at night to turn white?  Mother Nature has out done herself and we have a bumper crop of white Brassica, just in time for Christmas.

Call your rep and tell them Santa sent you! 


New Tulip Arranging Video from J Schwanke 
Watch J Schwanke, the flower expert at, show you how we grow our tulips and how to arrange them.

J always put on a great show and even the most experienced flower professional is sure to learn something new.
Click here to watch! 


Hyacinth Start in January!
Save the Date! We will begin harvesting our Hyacinth crop in mid to late January.

The color, the texture and of course, the scent make hyacinth a very popular bulb crop.

Ilex Video..have you seen the drone footage?
Ilex Season has shifted into  high gear!

We are heavy on the classic RED. Common name "Winterberry" ilex keeps growing in popularity, take a peak  at a Pintrest search for ilex & winterberry, if you need proof.


Nick Fabiano
Team Leader Arcata R&M Department

Liduvina Gama
Oxnard Inventory
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Canadian Farm
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Canadian Farm
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