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Sun Valley Horizon | August 2017 Edition
August 10, 2017
Edition 52

The Color of Summer
Hydrangea Season in Arcata is something I look forward to all year. From the growers perspective, hydrangea are both rewarding and challenging since their development depends so much on weather conditions.  It's amazing how a cold weather snap in March can push back harvest time a few weeks in August, or different light conditions can delay flowering.

Add in the different varieties we grow, each with different needs for sunlight, nourishment and water, then you end up with a matrix of variables that need to be managed row by row for a successful harvest. This is the challenging part and every season our Hydrangea program gets more refined.

Growing hydrangea is hard work, but the reward is great as we ship these beautiful flowers across the country. Summertime is Hydrangea time, Enjoy!
                                                                        - Lane


Experience Royalty with our LA Hybrids
We are harvesting our summer crop of Royal LA Hybrid lilies. We have all colors available and the quality is top notch. We attribute this high quality to the cool weather in Humboldt County and our team of grower's expertise. We have the freshest lilies on the market.

Superior quality equals repeat sales, so what are you waiting for?  Check in with your sales rep. today.

Brassica Bonanza
The chilly summer nights in Arcata are coloring up our Brassica crop beautifully.  We have the classic purple (pictured left with Sales Rep. Laura), classic white and rich, dark green.

This  crop is one of the unsung heroes of our farm. It's big and it's beautiful, and many folks aren't familiar with it.  When we take Brassica to shows it gets an enormous amount of attention. This is a  great time to try some out! 


Rainforest Alliance Certification 
Sun Valley is now offering Rainforest Alliance Certified Tulips.

Today's consumers are looking for assurances that their flowers were grown in a sustainable manner. Rainforest Alliance Certification resonates strongly with your customers.

Learn more about the process on our Flower Talk Blog.


Matsumoto Movement
Our Matsumoto Aster crop is heating up in Oxnard. Look for increased availability going forward into the fall. The program is weighted toward the ever-popular purple for autumn, then shifts to Hot Pink and Red for the holidays.
Hot Hot Pink Hydrangea
Our Hot Pink varieties (Opal Pink pictured above) are ready to go. Beautiful heads, glowing with color and personality.

Get these while they are HOT, Pink that is!


"Butterfly Garden" Is HERE!
These super-cute Bouquets come with a brightly colored reusable watering pitcher.
This value-added offering from Sun Pacific comes in mixed cases so your in store display will be full of color. Perfect gift item!
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