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Sun Valley Horizon | February 2017 Edition
February 2, 2017
Edition 47

Go Time
Here we go, T-minus 12 days until Valentine's Day. The Sun Valley team is here, striving to make sure you have the best Valentine's Day ever. We are a phone call or an email away, so please let us know how we can help. Our singular goal is to Delight and Amaze our customers.

This time of year brings out a sense of camaraderie that I love. We spend a lot of time training to excel at the holidays. Now we see that training paying off with great teamwork and cooperation; from the fields and greenhouses, to the warehouses, to the trucks, and then to you.

I wish you the very best for Valentine's Day 2017. See you on the other side.      


Tulips in the Mix

Due to good planning and Mother Nature, we have a great color mix in our tulip packs. Heavy on red, pink and white now, then returning to the perfect spring mix after the holiday.

Unique Parrot Tulips highlight our popular Fancy Tulip line, and of course, our giant Redwood Grove French tulips.  ...Everyone needs a taste of spring, right?

Roselily Run

We have a lot of action happening with our Roselily program.  We have some gorgeous new varieties in the greenhouse, and we have various bud counts available.

Consumers continue to be wowed by these wonderful lilies, which we have grouped under our venerable "Lilytopia" brand.

Call your sales consultant to see what we have available for Valentine's Day, and beyond.      


The Bloom Project  
We are happy to be donating flowers to the Oregon based This amazing volunteer group creates bouquets from donated flowers and gifts them to people in hospice and palliative care.

Since they started in 2009, they have given away 162,422 bouquets!   To learn more visit their website.  

After V-Day Freesia
Our Freesia crop in Oxnard will be arriving just after Valentine's Day, perfect timing for spring weddings and spring events. It will be heaviest in March, but running well into April. 
So start planning now!

Women's Day 2017

Wednesday, March 8th is Women's Day.  Let us help you market the holiday, with sleeve stickers and display boxes.

Sun Valley has been promoting Women's Day for several years, and now many supermarkets, wholesalers, florists and online retailers are leading the charge.

Go Team!


Iris Fields Collection
A grand display as the passionate beauty of blue irises unfold among a
lush combination of salal, bay laurel, spiked eucalyptus and horsetail.


3- Salal
2- Bay Laurel
3- Horsetail
2- Eucalyptus- Spiked

Available Year-round

Call your sales consultant today.

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