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Sun Valley Horizon | March 2017 Edition
March 2, 2017
Edition 48

Women's Day Tipping Point
The great actor and comedian, Milton Berle said,  "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." 

This is exactly what Sun Valley and our fellow flower farms have been doing for several years now. 2017 is poised to be the most successful Women's Day ever and frankly, this year we have reached a tipping point. The holiday has taken on a life of its own and it now being promoted by retailers and wholesalers across the country. From Miami to Seattle and San Diego to Boston, Women's Day will be celebrated with flowers. 

From Sun Valley, we'd like to extend our thanks and gratitude to everyone who has worked to achieve this success.


Redwood Grove French Tulips

The tallest tree in the world is about 35 miles from our Arcata farm, and our French tulips are equally as stunning and nearly as tall. 

Check out this great PDF
that shows the varieties we will offer this season.  There is one variety on here we guarantee you haven't seen before.

Perfect Iris Weather 

The weather has been all the talk here in California; epic snow levels, record breaking rain fall. However,  the real headlines should be "Iris Season is HERE!"

We have a great inventory and the quality is phenomenal.         


Sun Valley has partnered with FTD to bring the best of our farm to the country's largest and longest running horticultural event. The FTD team will be creating a wonderful display of blooms for the event.

If you are anywhere near Philly, go say Hello!  The show runs March 10th through March 19th.  For more info visit the Philadelphia Flower show website

Ornithogalum Dubium
Dubium orange
Customers have been asking, when does our Dubium crop come in? Wait no longer the beautiful orange is just starting, and this will be followed by the pristine white in April.
Need a refresher on this interesting plant? Read this blog post.             
Matsumoto March Madness

Our Matsumoto asters are renown for their quality. We start with the best seed stock, then add the knowledge of our Oxnard growing team, combine the perfect growing conditions, and presto, the best Matsumotos on the market.

Watch this short, Field in Focus video on our Matsumotos.


Spring Forward Bouquet
On March 12th, we spring ahead ...but why wait until then?  Order this crowd pleasing bouquet from the Sun Pacific team.


2- Orange LA Hybrid lilies
5- Dark Pink Tulips
5- Telstar Iris
3- White Button Matricaria
3- Solidago
3- Salal greens

Call your bouquet consultant today.

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