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Sun Valley Horizon | April 2017 Edition
April 6, 2017
Edition 48

Spring Fever
Our team is right in the middle of Easter shipping, Easter is our third biggest holiday and we see it as a warm up for Mother's Day. April is a wonderful time of year to be a flower farmer. Walking the fields you feel the energy as the flowers respond to the warmth of the sun, it is a feeling that never gets old.

Our Willow Creek farm is coming back online with our viburnum crop coming in,  Arcata and Oxnard are in full swing, and in St. Catharines, the snow has melted and the tulips are growing fast.

I wish you a wonderful Easter with family and friends.


Vibrant Viburnum

Now through Mother's Day we will have "Snowballs." They start green, then magically transform into white clusters of blooms.  These beauties match the Pantone Color of the Year, "greenery" perhaps better than any other botanical, so they are moving fast. Its a short season for a unique crop. 

French & Fabulous

French tulips are the epitome of class, style and grace. The long elegant stems with huge saturated blooms perched on  top are truly show stoppers.

In our new Video, Lane explains why our Frenchies stand out.  

Our Redwood Grove tulips are as dramatic as the Redwoods themselves.


Super Floral Q&A  
Super Floral magazine recently feature Lane in an in-depth interview. Check out this great 2 page spread, where Lane explains life growing up in Holland, and how Sun Valley got to where we are today. 

Thanks Super Floral.  

Lisianthus Low-Down
Lisianthus will start right after Mother's Day. This warm weather crop has become a staple of summer weddings and bouquets. Its wispy blooms come in a wide ranging color palette.

Want the "Farmer's Market" look?  This is where you start.
Ornithogalum Season
Dubium orange

Dubium Ornithogalum is coming in fast. The spectacular orange is here in good numbers, along with yellow and peach. The season finale will feature a large harvest of beautiful white, as the colors slowly phase out.

These dynamic blooms really grab peoples attention, as we like to say on the farm, "Its like Star of Bethlehem on Steroids."


The Primavera Bouquet
Primavera is a springy combination of Tulips, Iris, Dubium Ornithogalum, and different fillers.  Pictured here with crowd pleasing Matricaria.

Call your sales consultant today for this farm fresh bouquet.

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