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Sun Valley Horizon | October 2017 Edition
October 12, 2017
Edition 54

October Potential
Looking at the cut flower business, you hear a consistent reoccurring theme, "We need more flower giving and receiving occasions."

You are familiar with the industry's successful efforts to promote Women's Day (Thursday, March 8th, 2018), however, October is also ripe with low hanging fruit. With Breast Cancer Awareness as a central theme of the month, and the Halloween / Day of the Dead combination at the end of the month. October is poised to become a bigger and better month for floral sales.

Sun Valley and our fellow farmers have a great inventory of the classic colors of fall, and of course the pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.  We need your help to highlight the cornucopia of autumn blooms, and share this with your customers. October holds a great potential.
                                                                                           - Lane


Antique Hydrangeas Going Strong

Due to clear, crisp fall days on our farm in Arcata, California, we are still harvesting exceptional quality Antique Hydrangeas.   
The multi-faceted essence of these beauties make them a great item to have in your cooler or in your floral department. They are simply gorgeous, give us  a call to get a few boxes on your truck.   
Cotinus Continues   

You really need some dark warm tones to balance out all the splashy color of October.   
This is where our Cotinus (Common name Smoke Bush) plays an amazing supporting role in any arrangement or bouquet. Deep burgundy leaves with fiery scarlet veins, this branch has much more going on than first meets the eye.  As a plus, you can have it in sizes from XX to XX.  Hmmm, we have you thinking, don't we? 


See You in New Orleans, Booth #3145 

The Big Easy is calling! The Sun Valley team will be showing off our very best crops and marketing pizzazz at the Produce Marketing Association's "Fresh Summit."  
We will be showing some new flowers and a host of creative new approaches to selling them. Come say Hello to Lane and see new design and display ideas that will inspire increased sales in your stores.    

Bring on the Southern Hemisphere Tulips!
Our Autumn Tulip crop is coming in!  Big and beefy soil grown tulips in oranges, yellows, purples, pinks, whites and bi-colors are being picked daily.  
We are featuring our classic standard tulips, as well as, a variety of Fancy Tulips and French Tulips, all of them certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance.  
Truly a tulip temptation!  
Autumn's Royalty
Our acclaimed Royal LA Hybrid Lilies are ready to delight and amaze your customers.

Offering thick, saturated petals, big buds, and the longest vase life of any lily, we are truly "LilyCentric."

Sun Valley secures the very best varieties from Holland, and then grows them under the watchful eye of Lane DeVries...and this singular attention to detail shows in the final product.


Pacific Paradise
This exciting new line from Sun Pacific Bouquet will have it's debut at PMA next week, but why not call Rodi Groot at Sun Pac or talk your Sales Representative ahead of time to get the scoop?

Stay Tuned!

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