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Sun Valley Horizon | December 2017 Edition
December 7, 2017
Edition 56
Soil Grown Tulips 
Season's Greetings from the Farm
Christmas time is a very special time on the farm. Our flowers lend themselves beautifully to the holiday season, with all the reds, whites and greens you can image.

Growing up in Holland, December was the start of the Greenhouse Tulip and Daffodil season. I have great memories of the first flowers of the season getting ready to be picked.

Today, thanks to technology, greenhouse improvements and bulbs from New Zealand, we are harvesting gorgeous spring-quality tulips for your customers. The advancements just in my life time have been amazing.

I believe we are all blessed to work in a wonderful industry, and I am thankful every day to be able to work with our team, our partners and of course, flowers.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and best wishes for 2018.
                                                                                                        - Lane


Harvesting Christmas Tulips

We are still accepting orders for red tulips for Christmas shipping. Top off your displays with the perfect holiday color scheme on a stem. Our saturated red blooms and deep green foliage make tulips a festive part of any holiday celebration. We have several more days to ship before Santa arrives, so call your Rep. today.
Candy Cane, Starfighters & White Orientals!

Take your pick!  We have a wide selection of Orientals, featuring the most in demand colors for the holidays. Plus, we have the premium varieties that set us CANDY CANE.  Tis the Season to delight and amaze with Sun Valley Oriental lilies. ..and if you prefer Royal LA Hybrids, don't fret, we have white and red Royals too! 


Rose Parade Time! 

Be one of the few who will get to see the 2018 floats being decorated with beautiful, California grown flowers and greens and speak to guests about this year's CA Grown Certified floats, including the Cal Poly entry, entitled, Dreams Take Flight, the FTD Grand Marshal vehicles and Miracle Grow.  
The CCFC needs your help as a Rose Parade Ambassador!  Click here to learn more! 

Pre-Books Open for Valentine's Day
Talk to your Sales Rep. about Pre-Booking your Valentine's Day needs. This is an excellent way to reserve the flowers you need for the big day...then get back to focusing on Holiday Sales!  
Go Team! 
Krazy for Kalanchoe
The verdict is in, Sun Valley's Kalanchoe crop is a winner!  We are getting great feedback from flower buyers across the country. Highlights have been our stem length (60, 70 or 80 cm. available) as well,  density of the florets, which truly look amazing. And of course, since it's a type of succulent, the vase life is astounding.


Valentine's Bqt:
Crazy in Love
This lovey-dovey California style bouquet is a gorgeous edition to your Valentine's offerings. Fresh off our farm, this beauty is full of charm.

Speak to your sales rep, or call Rodi!

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