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Sun Valley Horizon | May 2017 Edition
May 4, 2017
Edition 49

Wishing You A Great Mother's Day
The great American author, H. Jackson Brown Jr. said, "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."

This is how the Sun Valley team has been preparing for Mother's Day 2017. We are continuously working to improve our systems and operations, with one goal: to delight and amaze you, our customers. You can feel the energy level rise on the farm as Mother's Day approaches and it keeps rising right up until the last box leaves the farm. This season, we have had excellent weather, so our picks and projects should be right on schedule, however, demand is high so please reach out to your sales rep. and make sure we have your needs covered.  

Have a great Mother's Day, thank you.


Royal Flush

Don't gamble with your lilies. Our Royal LA Hybrid Lilies are revered for their size and quality, and we have plenty to sell in a variety of colors.

This week's blog post highlights our Royals as a great pick for Mother's Day, but truly these versatile lilies are a great year-round item. Add some color to your cooler!

Astounding Asters

Sun Valley is known primarily for bulb flowers, the mighty Matsumoto Aster is an additional stand-out grown at our farm in Oxnard. Even though they start as a plug, instead of a bulb,  our grower's expertise is unmatched.  This is evident in every stem we harvest.  Take a quick Throw-Back-Thurday to our video featuring Matsumoto asters in our Field in Focus Series.


Rainforest Alliance Certification 

Sun Valley is excited to announce that our Arcata farm is the first flower farm in the United States to be certified by the Rainforest Alliance. 2017 marks the first year domestic flower farms can become certified. This certification indicates that our farm has been audited to meet rigorous standards that require environmental, social and economic sustainability.
Our Arcata farm joins our Baja farm as being Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Learn More about The Rainforest Alliance

Zantedeschia Summer
Our Zantedeschia crop is coming in for summer. We will have a great selection of colors as the program builds through summer. What makes Sun Valley's callas stand out?  Size. There is nothing  "mini" about our callas, hence the name "Z-Callas"
On Trend with Millennials
Millennials and Generation-Y designers are throwing out the preconceived notions of what a flower bouquet should be. They are reaching beyond the traditional palette of floral design by incorporating non-traditional plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables into designs. Lisianthus has the bandwidth to be part of this emerging style.

Read the full story in the Produce News.


The Summer Break Bouquet
A colorful Combo featuring:
  • Royal Lilies
  • Brassica
  • Green Trick
  • Matricaria daisy
  • Salal
  • Sweet Huck
Available in Large (22 stems), Medium (15 stems) and  Small (8 stems)

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