Hydrangea Untamed [Photos]

Sales Rep. extraordinaire Laura Wright poses with some freshly picked Sun Valley hydrangea
Summer in Arcata, California brings foggy mornings, dry afternoons and chilly evenings, the perfect growing conditions for hydrangea.

This season we are focusing on two exceptional varieties.  Amethyst and Opal.

With well over a decade of growing experience, we've found these two varieties are basically "bullet-proof." They both have very firm and rigid bloom structures, so they travel well and have exceptional vase life.

Featuring colors ranging from hot pink to lavender and all shades in between, hydrangea make a mess of the color wheel, with multiple colors across the same big head.

Their eclectic nature makes them favorite for those who like their flowers a bit untamed.

We will have limited numbers, so better hop onboard now!

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