Autumn Branches Title


 Add Interest and Bright Color with Festive Berries or Bold Foliage

FARM FRESH: Sun Valley’s California farms are certified for socially and environmentally responsible practices. These autumn branches are grown in an inland mountain canyon at an elevation of 640 feet. The micro-climate—with cooler winters, early spring, hot, sunny summers and extended fall—provides Sun Valley a prime location to specialize in specialty branches with great stem length, healthy foliage, and “berries”—and ultimately, better lasting quality.

Ilex Verticillata: Festive berried branches with reddish-orange to red berries clustered along strong, upright branches.

Cotinus: A profusion of oval velvety leaves in a palette of purple, scarlet and burgundy with bright red veins and a thin red edging on leaf margins.

Rosehips: A brilliant seasonal offering of liberally berried branches will punctuate arrangements with gusto.

Snowberries: Gracefully arching stems beaded with small white berries put on a spectacular show.

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