Bombay Celosia Furry Flower



 COLOR: The spectacular appearance, texture and color of the Bombay Celosia makes it a bold addition to any fresh flower bouquet - the vibrant colors range from yellow and green to hot pink, orange, red and wine.

Celosia is often referred to as “brains” in the floral industry, for its bizarre likeness to our cerebral matter... only in glorious technicolor!

HISTORY: The name Celosia is derived from the Ancient Greek “Kelos”, or “to burn” referring to the flower’s color.

LENGTH : Big flower heads arise on tall stiff 24” stems.

LASTING: Longevity of Bombay Celosia is usually between 7 and 14 days.

BUNCHES: Standard bunch size: 5 stems. Also available as Consumer Bunches.

DISPLAY: Excellent for exotic effects in floral arrangements.

OTHER USES: In Nigeria, Celosia is grown as part of the staple diet known as Soko.

CARE & HANDLING: Keep cool at all times. Strip off leaves and recut at least an inch off each stem and place in water immediately. Use a fresh flower food so­lution as this will help keep open flowers looking fresh. Replace vase water with fresh flower food solution every day.

  In the language of flowers Celosia means “silliness”

Bombay Celosia Field